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see News archive for older news
Latest News
  • 23-Mar-2018 - My PC network failed on 1-Mar, but today should be all working again - real news when I've got some!
  • 01-Mar-2018 - "Green Books Feb-2018" are now about to be posted to all entries to Challenge 2018.  Paper copies will be available for any who wants to buy one will find them in the Coventry Tourist Information Centre in a about a week.  If you want to read or print see individual "Direction + map" pages see http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/acw_ow_news.htm.
  • 09-Feb-2018 : Minutes of AGM 05-Dec-2017 published on Internet (link is to MS Word archived document)
  • 25-Jan-2018 : Latest WP News, including details
    shim of next Working Parties  -
    shim Next WP Wednesday 14-Feb 2018
    shim Next WP Wednesday 21-Feb 2018
  • 13-Jan-2018 : Challenge 2018 entries have now passed 270.  Any further entries, which have not already been reserved, will be put on a waiting list.  N.B.  Where possible, please use the on-line entry facility, via SiEntries, to register a place on the waiting list.


Achievements 2017 include:

  1. Achieving 250 starters
    -0 to +10
  2. Having the lowest % Retirements (7% this year lowest for years)
  3. Achieving the lowest %DNS

April 9th 2017 
No Started      = 251  (was 228 in '16)
No 40-milers   = 222  (was 195 in '16)
No Relay Teams = 10 (was  11 in '16)
No time records broken this year, but the first 2 to finish exactly the same time but started 23 minutes apart! 

Organisation Achievements - see on Left

Weather perfect (Sunny Dawn to Dusk but getting cold for last people to complete!)

See also:

Full Results 


Photos - ACW Slide Show 

40-Mile Club (2017 included)

Route overview with outline maps. more

For up-date information about all the paths, see Footpath Update News

For a large scale map visit ACW Large Scale Maps page, then starting with map on right zoom in to see every tree!

Route Details
Previous Challenges

Challenge results for all years since 1997, the 40 Mile Club and accounts from the participants.   more

All who complete the 40 miles in one day become members of the 40-miler Club.  For list see  more

Details of "21 Circular Walks" - link walks off the Coventry Way, and surrounding areas.    more

 Other Linked Walks
Accomodation and Refreshments

Listings of places for accommodation on ACW 40-mile route, and refreshments on all routes, with outline details and links to listed websites. 

Details of working parties, overseers and their efforts to maintain ACW and associated footpaths.   more

Also read the Working Party Latest news items to find out about recent work completed, and plans for the future. 


Contact Us

Contact a member of A Coventry Way Association who can help you with any queries you may have concerning the footpath and it's events.   more

Find out how A Coventry Way was conceived, learn about how it was developed in it's early years, the personalities involved, and how it has become a recognised and established long distance footpath.    more

About ACW

Coffee Break

Take a break and relax with photo galleries of ACW, cartoons and    more

Geocaching is an entertaining form of a treasure hunt, using satellite navigation.    more

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Links to additional walking and outdoor related web sites.     more



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