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21 Walks Downloadable Versions
of individual Walks from the "ACW 21 Walks plus" Book

All  changes up to Sep-2017 are now available.
Please email if you see errors or have comments.

To view a single document in your default file viewer, click the link in table below.  Make sure that your use of these documents complies with the Copyright statement below.

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Links to Printable
1 pages documents
  Index & Overview Map

Index to 21 Walks
PDF files


1 Four Greens Walk-01.PDF  
2 Two Greens, A Common & A Well Walk-02.PDF  Updated Sep-2017
3 Around Burton Green Walk-03.PDF  Updated Sep-2017
4 The Castle, Common & Manors Beyond Walk-04.PDF  
5 Town & Country Walk-05.PDF  
6 After Tea Walk-06.PDF  
7 As Far As Cubbington Walk-07.PDF  
8 Five Villages Walk-08.PDF  Updated Sep-2017
9 Dunsmore Heath Walk-09.PDF  Updated May-2017
10 Limestone Trail Walk-10.PDF  Updated Aug-2016
11 The Abbey Walk-11.PDF  Updated Sep-2017
12 Eight Bridges Walk-12.PDF  Updated Dec-2017
13 Withybrook Wander Walk-13.PDF  
14 Through Bulkington Walk-14.PDF  Updated Sep-2017
15 The Canal Trail Walk-15.PDF  
16 Breach Brook Route Walk-16.PDF  Updated Aug-2016
17 Two Castles & A Manor  Walk-17.PDF  
18 Three Corleys Walk-18.PDF  Updated Mar-2017
19 Ancient Arden Walk-19.PDF  
20 Around the Dome Walk-20.PDF  Updated Aug-2016
21 The Broad Ridge Walk-21.PDF  
Cover+Guide for "! Walks plus Cover+Guide  Updated Aug-2016

21 Walks Guide to use

Layout, Map Symbols,
Abbreviations. Advice
& Copyright

The most significant changes are shown Bold in the Notes column.  Other changes include a new k/g or two, minor diversions, etc..  Other changes have been made to simply improve layout not listed.

If you notice any errors in the content please let us know and we will endeavour to correct it ASAP..  Contact : webmaster - Subject: ACW Route Difficulties

Why "ACW 21 Walks plus" ?  Read the news item published at launch

Guide to use of 21 Walks plus Book *.pdf files

There is also available a full set of pages in a single PDF files.  This is the complete 46 A4 pages (21 Direction pages  + 21 Maps + 2 Index pages + 2 Guide to use pages), which you can print as individual A4 pages, or whatever your printer, software and ingenuity can handle. If you need access to this, please ask.

The format matches the pages in the 2007 version, but page numbers are left blank.  This avoids confusion, and in any case most users probably navigate by Walk Numbers rather than page numbers.


Status of 21-Walks plus Directions and Maps

During late-2014 & early-2015 all walks were surveyed, updates drafted, checked and corrected.  Then a 3rd party has done a final survey to make sure the result is as good as possible.

During 2016 we had our first update of a walk with changes of route - Walk 03.  This was first published in Mar-2016.  By mid-July this became fully working.  We have now completed a full update which was available by August-2016.  Individual page updates are available now, with changed sheets marked.  The walks other than Walk 03 are updated to recognise about 20 stiles replaced by kissing gates, changes to gaps, and a variety of minor updated issues improving wording or correcting errors.  You will also notice that Walk 20 has been updated to note that the Permissive Path we helped to create has now been recognised as a NEW DEFINITIVE PATH as part of a lot of other similar improvements in that area which will over the coming months be recognised on the ground.  One interesting bit of good news we also include 2 pubs which were closed down but are now back in good use, and one back in use with a new name.

Any major future changes will be implemented on updated electronic copies ASAP, and  periodic reviews ill be repeated as declared necessary.


Plans for Paper version

21-Walks plus book (Latest Edition : Recommended Price £4.00 ) is now available.

See  for details http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/acw_ow_p1.htm.


Copyright Statement

Contains Ordnance Survey data @ Crown copyright and database right 2015

The copyright of all other data rests with ACWA or CJ Bean.  Permission to use the data in any manner other than for private use or for inclusion in club project work is forbidden without express permission.  Downloading and use by private individuals or clubs is encouraged and permission is not needed for such purposes.

The contents of this data are believed to be correct at the time of the latest revision.  However, the publisher cannot be held responsible for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material, nor for any errors, omissions or changes in such data.  The publisher would welcome information to correct any errors or omissions and to keep the data up to date. 
Please e-mail to

Comments on Copyright Statement

The line of the above statement covering the OS content is there to address the current OS Open Data Licence.  This is the licence introduced in April-2010 which allows us to use OS Data free - before that we had to pay a small fee for every copy of our books printed, and our web users were heavily restricted as to how they could print any map data we published.

For more details of the Data Licence see:
and associated links.

If you plan to use the data for a purpose beyond the use as described above, you will nee to ensure that you meet the requirements in the licensing agreement.


NB : This page includes instructions to search engines not to list it.  This should discourage people finding the large files and wasting their time (and overloading the network) downloading a file they don't want ...


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