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ACW viewed on Google Earth

Click Here to open Google Earth view of
ACW 40-mile route & 21-Walks

Latest versions:
08-Jan-2018 : All files updated.

Warning :
The above example was viewed using Google Earth named "
Google Earth" Version or similar.

Newer versions are named "Google Earth Pro" Version or similar,  which do many more things, BUT  does not show wider lines for pahs as I have specfied.  I kope to find out how to fix this - Any Advice?!



  1. If you have Google Earth installed on your Computer, click above link ... then choose Open ...
  2. ... wait while you fly in from outer space, soon seeing above view as you get near Coventry
  3. Zoom into walk you wish to see by double clicking the walk number (e.g. Walk 13 ) in the listing on the left panel.
  4. Zoom in further (using mouse wheel or tools in TR corner) for detail, or hold down left mouse button and drag to pan to other areas (or use arrow keys), or click another walk to fly to it, etc.
  5. If Google Earth not on your Computer, go to http://www.google.co.uk/intl/en_uk/earth/download/ge/agree.html ...
    ... then follow instructions to install it.  Then go back to 1 above
  6. You will see that:
      - ACW 40-Mile route is highlighted in Red with a very wide but
              very transparent rendering
      - Odd numbered Circular Walks are in Cyan or Green
      - Even numbered Circular Walks are in Yellow
      - Shorter versions for each circular Walk are in dark blue and narrow
    Above means it is just about possible to sort out the many walks!
  7. If you want to make an individual walk clearer, un-select all then just select the walk(s) you want to see in detail, and make it fit within your screen
  8. When you have finished exploring and close down the Google Earth window, you can either Save it as one of your sets of walks if you wish or Discard it.
  9. More hints added soon ...

Happy exploring

Further Useful Features

... coming soon.


How ACW data on Google Earth was created

In simple terms:

  1. All the paths are added to OSM (Open Street Map), using Aerial view background from WCC 2013 set of files. See OSM maps for example.
  2. The ACW Walks are defined as a member of a "relation" named as (e.g.) C21A for Circular Walk 21A.
  3. Waymarking Trails: Hiking Maps are used to create .gpx files for each walk
  4. The GPX files are imported into Google Earth and stored in a hierarchical structure you will see
  5. When the paths are updated, any changes are recorded on Green Book &/or 21-Walks Book maps, but also to a much higher resolution on OSM, and in due course the Google Earth view is updated.
  6. A full update was completed on or just before 31-Aug-2016.


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