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40 Mile Club

N.B. - This page and linked Spreadsheet has been updated to include 2018 results - All checking & correction of known queries completed by 05-Nov-2018.

Any other queries or corrections?  If so please email me Peter@cvpages.plus.com or ring me on 024 7641 3553. 


The main involvement we would like you to do is check your own information as seen on the spreadsheet so that we can help us correct information.

The spreadsheet version is available for you to download with above link.

- o -

Update Notes:

  1. On 07-Nov-2018, "ACW Challenge Records Summary" has had the "Ladies Records through the years" table updated by adding all faster than 06:47.
  2. On-08-Nov-2018 "Mens Records through the years" only addition was to add 2 more years to "Stephens, Graham" with no more names added (maybe we should a few more over 06:00?)
  3. On 05-Feb-2019 a few updates/improvements added from individuals sending to me detailed changes. 
    Thanks to Rich Clarke - "Rich Clarke in 2018 (time was 07:26) is the same person (me) as Richard Clarke who completed it in 2012-2017. I've entered under the name Rich Clarke for 2019 as-well".- thanks to Rich and all others who corrected such detail"
  4. more items later




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