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40 Mile Club

N.B. - This page and linked Spreadsheet have been updated to include 2017 results - All checking & correction of known queries have been
completed by 26-Apr-2016



The spreadsheet version is available for you to download with above link, and is now the only version published.  See bottom of page for a box containing a few comments.

- o -

This data commemorates and tabulates all people who have completed the 40 miles.  See general notes below for explanation of data and general assumptions.  Assumptions for some individuals are shown - if anyone can confirm/correct these assumptions, please e-mail me - I will then update/correct this page and source data.

GENERAL NOTES (covering overall assumptions and meaning of data)
    1. This is a total of 1,445 names, assuming all my assumptions are correct.
    2. All times are rounded to the nearest minute, even when seconds are recorded in data for that event.
    3. Where an individual has completed the 40 miles in more than one year, the lowest recorded time is used.
    4. I have not distinguished between runners, runners/walkers, walker/runners and walkers (unless they were record holders or event winners), but times give a strong clue:
      - Runners times recorded are between 4:57 and 14:50
      - Walkers times recorded are between 09:17 and 16:00
      Some Runners in above were probably really Runner/Walkers.  As from 2007 the runners, runners/walkers, walker/runners and walkers term was dropped, and all are recorded as Individuals .
    5. Most of the data to derive above was taken from the annual challenge results pages on this website.
    6. "Bean, Cyril" , "Brandon, Bob" and "Green, John" are added as 40 milers from other data.
    7. "Tonkinson, Frank" , "French, Justin" , "Lewis, David" and "Shelton, Doug" walked the 40 miles as a group a day before the Challenge in 1999. The time recorded is approximate time as recalled by Frank Tonkinson.
    8. In 2017, 219 individuals completed the 40 miles. Of these we added 131 new members, 35 people Improved on their earlier times (mostly 2016), and 53 people again achieved 40 miles, but in more time (sometimes only just, and sometimes because this time they walked when previously they ran).
    9. One person ("Swift, Mark") has now completed 40 miles on 17 occasions,

      One person ("Townend, Martin") has now completed 40 miles on 14 occasions
      One person ("Kacarevic, George", ) has now completed 40 miles on 12 occasions,

      Two people (""Colbourne, Steve", "Ibison, Peter") have now completed 40 miles on 11 occasions,

      Four people ("Morris, Stephen", "Stevens, Phil, "Timms, Mark") &  
      "Wade, Anne" ) have now completed 40 miles on 10 occasions
      Two more people  have achieved 9 times.
      Six more people  have achieved 8 times.
      Seven more people  have achieved 7 times.
      Ten more people  have achieved 6 times.

      Note also that after that: 
      14 people 5 times,
      46 people times.
      78 people times. 
      229 people 2times.  

      Sort the Excel Table by "No of years to 2016" by choosing "Largest to smallest" to see who these are, or to count the 1  !

- o -

HTML Version of 40-milers data

In previous years I also published as an HTML web page version - see 40-Milers-2014 for 2014 publication.

40-Mile Club page for 2014 was nearly 220KB, a bit slow to download and can be somewhat difficult to find what you want.

The Excel Spreadsheet version looks similar, & was only 290KB, but although downloading it and opening your Excell viewer takes longer, it can then be sorted to produce a good representation of almost any sub-set you are interested in..

It also has Tabs to open popular derived reports, including:

  • Scores for This Year - a simple report of the key numbers
  • Records - including:
      - Ladies Records through the years
      - Mens Records through the years
      - Number of Times through the years as 40-Milers
  • Summary - a count of Number of Members each year since 1974

Following response to proposal on 2014 issue, I have decided NOT to continue with an updated HTML Version.  The 2014 version is still available to view, and at the bottom contains a box discussing the pros and cons of having an HTML version.

- o -



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