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Accommodation & Refreshments
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Tea or Coffee  Beer etc  Beer etc : "All Day" opening  Lunchtime Meals  Evening Meals  Lunchtime & Evening Meals   All Day Meals  Lunchtime Snacks  Evening Snacks  Lunchtime & Evening Snacks  All Day Snacks  Bar Snacks  ???? Others Needed ???

On the Refreshments page, a column headed "What's available when?" uses icons to try and give a simple assessment of what the establishment offers.  For more detail, read the details on the linked page for the establishment, and/or phone to ask.  When the column is blank, it is probably because I am not sure what is currently on offer - if you know, please let me know. (N.B. - The current issue is mostly complete, but sometimes just a guess - I will continue to seek firmer &/or more up to date information, and update table!)



Description (in some browsers seen when you "hover over" icon)


  Tea or Coffee Tea or Coffee Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, and other drinks usually served in unlicensed premises
Beer etc Beer etc The usual range of drinks served in licensed premises, including Beer, Lager, Spirits, Mixers, etc - and in most places Tea or Coffee as well.  Open Lunchtime and Evenings.
Beer etc : "All Day" opening Beer etc. : "All Day" Opening As above, but open "All Day" - typically 12:00am to 11:00pm or a bit longer
Meals : Under Meals and Snacks,
    "Lunchtime" typically means 12:30 to 14:00 or a bit longer (from say 30min earlier to say 30min later"
    "Evening" typically means 19:00 to 21:00 or a bit longer
    "All Day" typically means 12:00 to 20:00 or a bit longer (or sometimes 8:00 - 23:00 or when last person leaves!)
Notable exceptions to above are shown in small text, or in the notes column
  Lunchtime Meals  Lunchtime Meals

Meals will usually include the option to have more than one course, and you will be eating sitting at a table with knives and forks or spoons.

Most establishments serving meals will allow customers to have (say) just one course, and many will offer a separate "Bar Snacks" menu as well as the "Restaurant Menu"

Evening Meals Evening Meals
Lunchtime & Evening Meals Lunchtime & Evening Meals
All Day Meals "All Day" Meals
  Lunchtime Snacks Lunchtime Snacks Snacks will usually be a lighter meal, often just a sandwich or a cake - but sometimes establishments with this symbol offer quite substantial "Snacks", but somehow not enough to regarded as a "full meal".
Evening Snacks Evening Snacks
Lunchtime & Evening Snacks Lunchtime & Evening Snacks
All Day Snacks "All Day" Snacks
All Day Snacks Bar Snacks Bar Snacks will often be just Crisps, Nuts, etc., but will sometimes include a limited choice of Sandwiches, Rolls, Batches or similar
Any of Above
    Blank Either does not do any food, or memory says they don't (or I've not yet put it in!)
Icon? Any icon followed by ? Icon shown is "Best guess" based on unreliable and/or possibly out of date memory.  Beer etc? means not known if "All Day" or not.

Thank you readers for comments received - any more corrections/improvements/additions gratefully received.  Contact : webmaster - Subject: ACW - Accommodation and Refreshments

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