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Accommodation and Refreshments

Pages index  -  This page - Introduction and guide for using these pages.
Accommodation  - Table listing places on or near ACW offering overnight accommodation.
Refreshments  - Table listing Refreshment opportunities on ACW and Circular Walks.
Icons Key  - List of Icons used on Refreshments Table, with descriptions & Notes
Other Links  - Most other links in above two tables are to pages outside this website, but in some cases small pages about a particular establishment are created on this site, with same heading as this page.

This is a draft of the first of a few new pages listing Accommodation opportunities on or near the ACW route, and Refreshment opportunities on ACW and Circular Walks.  Below on this page is background and help information under headings:

Why we have produced these pages

We have frequently had questions such as "Where can we get B&B accommodation near ACW" or "Which pubs are open all day, and do they serve food all afternoon?".  These pages attempt to collect information to help answer these sort of questions.

The list of Refreshment opportunities is based on the table in ACW Circular Walks book, but adds those only on the 40-mile walk, and a few extra recently identified.  The table is extended by adding columns to help answer more detail questions.

The Accommodation opportunities list is new.

Limitations to use

The information has been gathered from the internet and the collective knowledge of our members and users.  At best, the information was correct at the time of updating details for each entry, BUT:

  • Information changes, and some will always be out of date,
  • The summary information is just that - an attempt to give a simple summary of what is on offer.
Advice re using links &/or Phone Numbers to get latest information

If you want to be sure of the facts, always try to get the latest information from the establishments own website (if they have one) &/or phone to check the latest facts.

The links shown are labeled as below (in descending order of likely up to date status and completeness):

  • Website - A website run by (or for) the establishment, usually giving full details and kept up to date
  • User Review - A review by an ACW User, in many cases likely to be more reliable that most of those below.
  • Webpage - A webpage on a collective site.  Some of these are run by the group the establishment belongs to, some by the local village, some by commercial organisations.  Sometimes the data is good, but often incomplete and/or out of date.
  • WebReview/WebRecommendation/WebPhoto/etc - These are often to the commercial organisations sites which list the names and locations of almost all the pubs in the UK, then invite users to add reviews or recommendations, and the landlord to add detailed information.  Links added are to those where (e.g.)the landlord has added nothing, but a few interesting reviews might be worth reading.  Others are links to the village website where some information is available.

There are many websites which list almost all the pubs or hotels in the UK.  These sites have a page giving the Name of the establishment, the Address and Phone Number.  On many of these pages they have no other information except lots of blank spaces inviting the landlord/owner to supply information, or for users to "Rate" the establishment or to write a "Review".  A search for a pub returns all these sites near the top of the list, often well above the one site with useful information.  These sites include beerintheevening, information-britain, allpubs, ukpubfinder, pubsquiz, pubutopia, pubsulike, enjoyyourmeal, mylocalservices, trustedplaces, pubinnguide, pub-restaurant, fatbadgers, littlelegends, allaboutpubs, local, finder, (as well as lists on sites such as CWN (Coventry & Warwickshire Network) and Local Authority sites which are just lists).   Finding a way to avoid reading all these is a challenge!  A few however sometimes give good detail, so need to be found - indeed those in green have been given a link or two in my list. The list of names above will have a .com .co.uk .biz or similar ending, and mostly www. in front - I have left those off in order to avoid boosting their rankings in search engines!

On the other hand some generic sites - e.g. www.pub-explorer.com are always worth trying if a search finds them, and almost always give good details.


"What's available when?" symbols and meaning

See Icons Key for table.

Notes about using the linked maps

The Map links are mostly to Microsoft Live maps which I have customised to show all the Accommodation and Refreshment places listed for a given village.  For these you will:

  • Get the browser filled with a list of marked places in the left pane, and a map in default view on the right containing blue arrows to each place.
  • You can zoom to an individual place by clicking the place name
  • If you wish, you can change the view to Road, Aerial, Hybrid (Road names marked over Aerial view) or Bird's Eye (where available - a more detailed late-spring-2006 view as seen by a bird flying in from the South - or rotate W, N or E)
  • Or manually zoom or pan how you wish, get directions, etc.

The postcode links (e.g. CV12 0JB ) are given to a few places which are hard to remember where they are, or are not on the Circular Walks maps.  They also link to a Microsoft Live map, but only to the centre of the post code area, and with no blue labels.


Any other help or background info needed?  If so please ask.

Print Freindly Copy

See PDF File acw_accn-refreshts.pdf (c.280KB) for a copy of main pages in a format to print as a 12 page A5 booklet (3 A4 sheets printed double sided then folded to make A5 booklet)

Thank you for comments received - any corrections/improvements/additions gratefully received.  Contact : webmaster - Subject: ACW - Accommodation and Refreshments

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