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Coffee Break Help

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Getting Started with Microsoft OneDrive Photo Viewer

You should not have to install anything new to see the basic slide shows!

How to use Slide Show - Basic Guide

Click the link on the Coffee Break page to the slide show you want.

Then when you see the first slide loaded in a new window (or new Tab, if you have set your browser to open all requests for new window to open in a new Tab), either:

  1. Click the > on right hand centre edge of screen to go one forward,
    Click the < on left hand centre edge to go one back ... (or)
  2. Hit right hand arrow key on keyboard to go one forward, 
           left hand arrow key on keyboard to go one back ...

To exit close the OneDrive_ACW Window (click the x in top right hand corner of window)

How to use Slide Show - A little more advanced Guide

Try a few of these to get more enjoyment:

  • Full Screen  Get a bigger picture putting your browser in "Full Screen" mode - usually key F11 toggles between Full Scree & Normal. 
  • Hide or Show More Information or Control Buttons - Hover the mouse pointer over the picture area or a black border if there is one. 
    - The caption will appear at the bottom usually telling you where it is and when the picture was taken (BUT may not show if you are not logged into an appropriate OneDrive account?)
    - an  i  in top right corner will let you click to see information about the picture, including the caption
    - Top Left you will see buttons to Play Slide Show, Download a copy of the picture to your PC or View Original.
    - Top Right you will see picture number of current view of number in this slide show.
  • Using the mouse clicks on the > or < buttons will let you see the captions as you move through the set of pictures.
  • Hover the mouse button over the caption area near bottom of screen lets you use the keyboard  arrows to move forward or back keeping the caption visible.
  • Moving the mouse pointer off the edge then using the keyboard arrow keys will let you see just the pictures filling the black area as much as they can.
  • Zoom or Pan - Double Click on interesting point of picture to zoom in, then use your mouse wheel to zoom out or mouse wheel in other direction to zoom in again, or hold left button and drag to pan.
  • Read a long Caption - If the caption ends wih ... , click the caption to get more details (usually getting the full caption  BUT sometimes the ... is the end of that caption and the story continues on the next slide!).  You also get more data such as file number and size
  • Avoid Download Delays  If you step manually through a slide show quickly, you may notice that photos at first appear very fuzzy, but over the next few seconds build up to full resolution - this is due to the time it takes for the picture to download, and for your computer to display it.  If you wait about 3 or more secs before moving forward, the full resolution picture will appear almost immediately.  After running through the slide show, if you then go through again each picture will load quickly from local "cache" storage (as long as you have your cache setting with high enough memory).
  • Two Windows View  If you are exploring a number of slide shows, you may like to split your screen into two windows such as: 
    1.  Open Coffee Break as usual, but then reduce the size of the window to just fill about the left third of the screen. 
    2.  Then click the first slide show you wish to see so it opens in a new window (or if set to open in a new Tab, overide this by Right Click, choose "Open in new window") - then adjust the size of that window to fill the right hand 2/3.
    3.  If you now click another slide show link in the Coffee Break window, it will open in the right window just as you have set it.
  • Other?  Try any of the other buttons ... or read the OneDrive user information!!
  • Sign Up for your own OneDrive account  ... then you can add comments (if I & Microsoft have let you!); Create your own photo album; explore other Microsoft Live applications; etc. etc.

Note that Microsoft often add "improvements" which might mean some of above methods change.

If users ask me questions I think you all might find interesting, I'll add answers here!

Plans for Better Coffee Breaks!

I have now converted all old Photo Gallery sets to OneDrive Slide Show format!

I will add new views to the "ACW Tour" as they come available, either in addition to views on view at present, or to replace them.  The aim will be to improve the balance of presentation, update it, or to add better pictures.  I have asked the people who gave me the photos to confirm that the Titles I have given them are correct, but also ask users to check them from their own knowledge - any errors reported will be corrected.

I will also add new shows as new events suggest.

I might also add a few more slide shows using the photos we print and show on our display boards.  These would probably include:

  • Best of Working Party Photos
  • Best of Challenge Photos

If you have suggestions, please e-mail webmaster Subject: ACW Coffee Break


For Technically Minded Users

Any questions?!

Some may become answers here!

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