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Other comments in 1969 ...

This year's event was very successful and we think this is best illustrated by publishing some of the following e-mails, letters and articles we have received.

First two emails :-

From Steve Astington (20031) Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

As I promised, a short report on your event of yesterday - please use the bits you want or send it in to Strider if you like. Once again thanks for all your efforts, I'll try to get back again next year.

It was a fairly late decision on my part to enter this event, partly due to the location, after all how could anyone arrange a decent long distance walk around a major city - but how wrong can you be!

The first pleasant surprise was the campsite organised for the previous evening adjacent to the pub that was to be the start and finish for the walk, which provided a pleasant evening and avoided a very early start from home next day to make the 6 a.m. deadline. At registration next morning I was supplied with a comprehensive booklet containing route maps and a detailed description which proved to be very accurate and made the OS map unnecessary.

The walk itself was highly enjoyable, having an interesting route that visited some very pleasant countryside, and attractive villages. For the majority of the walk it was hard to believe that you were so close to the city of Coventry. The route marking was excellent with the organisers putting out extra signs and even going to the extent of getting paths cleared through some crops. All but one of the checkpoints provided drinks and a good selection of food. The final surprise of the event was being presented with a tee shirt for completing the walk.

I would like to thank Cyril Bean and his colleagues for putting on such a good event, which was excellent value for the entry fee, and one that I would definitely recommend to others.


From: John Caldicott Peel Road Runners.

I would like to thank you for the very nice run I had on Sunday 22 Aug. The course was surprisingly rural and the route description was second to none. The weather was super but you can not have the credit for that. I will do all I can to get a relay team from Peel Road runners and at least three solo runners for next year (hoping for another event next year). I also enjoyed the food (the orange segments were a life saver) and the beer at the Queens is worth running 40 miles for. The people at the checkpoints were very friendly and efficient, all in all a top class event.


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