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A Coventry Way Home

CW Main Walk Map No 15 - "Bedworth (West) to Stream Junction"

The original route has been made "difficult" due to the building of the new Eliot housing estate.  This building work is nearing completion, but has now moved to the plots near to Astley Lane.  The route used for ACW from 2004 to 2006 is now not available.  We are therefore having to use route down Daffodil Drive to reach Astley Lane.  This route is therefore adopted as the current official ACW.

For details see the PDF file map15a.pdf  .  This shows the current map, and the latest route instructions, formatted so it can be used as replacement pages in your Green Book.

Note: Daffodil Drive is actually a route nearer the 1995 original, but the Buttercup Way route used 2004 to 2006 is still preferred, being "greener" and reducing the use of Astley Lane by 150 metres. When the current building phase is completed, it should be possible to again adopt that route - indeed the blocked path is already being built as a good surfaced path, but can not be opened until the building are finished.  Longer term, it may become possible to officially use the potentially better route roughly following the dismantled railway all the way to Note 11 - ACWA will liaise with groups who are working to make this route available.


GR 343 867
to 336 867,
Note 5 to Note 9

From Bridge over Dismantled Railway to Astley Lane

 Map of current route
Use green route shown on map above - description and map in map15a.pdf replaces all that in book.

Above sketch shows older routes for interest.


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A Coventry Way Home