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A Coventry Way Home

CW Circular Walk 03 - "AROUND BURTON GREEN"


GR 274 768 to  276 767

The path crossing the "Old Football Fields" starting at the end of the enclosed path leaving Cromwell Lane then going straight over the field.

From mid-Jul-2016, the Definitive Path straight over the field should be used.  This path goes through a new gap in the fence the goes in a straight line for about 310 metres, then through a 2nd gap to join then turn right down the enclosed path.

The gaps were created a few months before, and the field was was crossed using a meandering path created by dog walkers.  From about 20-Jul we hope to clear the straight path, and carry out a routine clearance of other overgrown paths before and after the new path.

The old route will not be maintained, and eventually will be closed.

Combefields map

The name of the pub near the start point has also been changed.  It is now "Hickory's Smokehouse"
(was "The Peeping Tom").

Two New K/G have also been added.

The A4 PDF showing updated Directions and Map for the complete Walk 03 can be
downloaded from Walk-03.PDF


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A Coventry Way Home