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A Coventry Way Home

40-mile Route Map 8  &
CW Circular Walk 9 - "Dunsmore Heath"

"Gravel Works for next 10 years - watch out for diversions".  In Nov-2014 preparitory work for a major Gravel Extraction project started.  The route will be open throughout, but various short term and longer term diversions will be necessary.  The end result may be better, but it could be about 10 years before works are complete.


GR 393 744 to
GR 407 759

Path R144 Ryton to Wolston, from just before the Sewage Works almost all the way to Wolston.

For More Detailed Information see:

Working Plan (PDF 819 KB) Jan-2013 indicating Extraction Areas and other details.


WCC List of Documents (html with text and links) is no longer available, or I have failed to find it.


Map above gives sketch view of the area where works will take place.

It also shows the first diversion to come into effect (Diversion 001) which came into effect in Nov-2014 and involved using the Fisherman's Path shown.

Part of the overall plan is to create a new Permissive Path (Shown Green on map) which will allow virtually everything to bre bypassed, except for a period when a flood relief channel from the Avon to new lakes is constructed.  Exact plans not currently available.

A major temporary diversion came into use in May-2017 expected to be in use for 3 years or more.  The diversion is shown in detail in Map08.PDF (for 40-Mile route S to N) and Walk09.PDF (for 21-Walks N to S).

Other diversions will be anounced later.

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A Coventry Way Home