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CW Circular Walk 13 - "Withybrook Wander"

A good walk, but possible navigation difficulties, plus one route change.  The revised 2007 edition of the 21-walks book (on sale since Jul-2007) gives correct directions - a copy of text is reproduced as 13-route.pdf which owners of the First Edition are advised to print, trim then paste over page 64.


GR 426 838 to 424 835,
Note 3, 0 to 400 metres

From Hopswood Springs Farm to the ponds

The "lone conifer" has vanished.  Update Jun-2007 - the farmer has again this year rolled a path (see green route on map below), marked by yellow topped posts and taking a direct line up the edge of the hill and then down to the gap.  Use this path and you will have no difficulty.  In any case, "Look, and aim for tall WMP ahead."

View from just past lone oak tree - aim for the gap indicated by arrowThe definitive path is not visible on the ground, crosses a cultivated field, and curves, with the target gap only coming into view some way along!  The path does NOT go up the hill, but curves round the contour, passing c.40 metres to the right of the lone mature oak tree (path shown black on map below).  Study the map carefully, and try to get far enough towards the south before aiming to the SW.  The gap you are aiming for is to the south side and below the pools surrounded by mature trees, and when just past the lone oak tree, looks as in the photo.

  map 13-1

GR 424 835 to 417 834, Note 3, 400 to 1020 metres.
From the ponds, to Hopsford Hall

If you follow the notes and the waymarks in 1st edition, even though they seem to be different to the map, you may take the route shown as red dots on above map.  The official ROW (shown in black) involves crossing a stream with no bridge;  The recommended CW13 route (shown green) crosses the bridge, turns right for 2 metres, then sharp left (WM has been changed to show this as V/L ) to return to the ROW.

GR 422 851 to 424 849,
Note 9, 200 to 500 metres

From Shilton Lodge Farm across two fields

map 13-2bAt the time of writing the 1st edition of the book, the route shown red on map to right was a permitted route, and the official path was not clear;  this previously permitted path is now closed.
The "correct" route (currently a mix of permitted paths and the definitive route) is shown on right in green, and waymarked on the ground, which goes to left of farm buildings, then straight across the middle of the two fields, through two k/g, and directly through a gap (no longer a stile there) into the next field.  See path marked green on map right for details.

GR 427 848,
Note 9, 900 metres

Past Manor Farm

Telephoto view from stone edged culvertYou may have had trouble to find the stile "on right of farm buildings" of Manor Farm.  It is well to the right of the farm buildings, and the silos, and the rusty tank, and only a few metres left of the prominent tree.  If you follow precisely the direction indicated by the WM on the previous stile just past the stone edged culvert, you will be heading in the right direction.

Update Jan-2006 - a second stile has now been erected on the west side of the sleeper bridge.  The old stile at the east side is unchanged.  One advantage is that the new stile is now clearly visible from the other side of the previous field.

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