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Update Notes on All Walks

You are reminded of the words reproduced below from the bottom of page 13 of the Circular Walks book:

Notes to assist in making your walk free of hassle.

Changes are inevitable in the countryside but it is safe to say that not many Rights of Way (ROWs) are extinguished. If the ROW is different to what your OS map or the maps in this booklet indicate there could be a good reason. Stiles become pedestrian or kissing gates etc and farmers, quite rightly, have practical allowances when ploughing and establishing new crops.

If in doubt about the route do not take a confrontational approach, as the farmer/landowner is well aware of his responsibilities and rights. If you need to find out more, or report an obstruction, see page 104 for the appropriate authority.

As far as is possible follow the way-marked route, even if it doesn't match your interpretation of your current OS Map or the maps in this booklet.

Our web site (www.acoventryway.org.uk) will have a section that deals with all the changes that are brought to our attention. Please let us know if you find any.

The need to give precise direction notes may not be obvious during periods when waymarking and pedestrian traffic give a very clear indication of the way ahead. However, during the winter, and when ploughing and crops are being established, the direction to follow may not be so clear.

More words will be added here if anyone thinks above needs them!

Notes applicable to all detailed sheets

Key to maps

Maps shown on individual sheets are copies of a small section of the appropriate map in the book.  This Black & White picture is then overlaid with information in colour which has changed, or needs clarification.  As well as colour, paths shown on the overlay use distinctly different line styles, which should enable Black & White prints to show the change, or those with different colour vision to see the change.

Note that the scale of some maps is made larger than in the book to more clearly show the information.

Format of Entries

Each entry occupies one row in a two column table.

The first column identifies location of difficulty or change, giving Grid Reference (GR), Note number in the book and distance/range from beginning of that note.  An English description is also provided.

The second column gives a Description of the difficulty or change.  Where useful, photos or maps support the words.

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