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The following gives an outline of the original 21 circular walks :

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21 Circular Walks Book - Background

After publication in 1995 of the guide booklet for A Coventry Way, it became clear that to encourage walkers to use these local paths, a series of circular walks linked to the Way would be beneficial.  This would not only acquaint them with location of A Coventry Way but would help in keeping the paths open and up to a reasonable standard.

Starting off at a modest seven circular walks, the project grew like the proverbial Topsy.  It came to a closure when 21 was reached and by then we had virtually covered the Way.  The first version was published in 2002.

A revised version was published in July 2007.  This updates all significant path changes, all stiles which have been replaced and many other details which have changed over the years.  The basic layout, and the same 21 walks are unchanged, but it is printed on higher quality paper and with much crisper printing.  A re-print version was prepared in 2008, with only a minor printing error corrected.

The book describes the 21 walks, ranging from 2.5 to 12 miles in length, each with a map and a route description.  Most walks include a described shorter version shown as "Route A".  Every walk has its own wildlife notes, written by local ecologist Ian Tanner, and brief interest/history notes.  Details of bus routes and bus stops are given, together with suitable car parking places.

In Mar-2015 a new book "21 Circular Walks plus" was published - for details follow link to latest information - including updated version on table below as part of Index to 21 Walks PDF files.

 Revised editions were then published in Aug-2016 and Sep-2017.  

The following table gives an outline of the original circular walks :

Distances rounded up or down to nearest 0.5

miles (kilometres)

No Start Title

Main Walk

Route A

1 Eastern Green Four Greens 7.0 (11.0) 5.5 (9.0)
2 Berkswell Two Greens, A Common & A Well 5.5 (9.0) 4.5 (7.5)
3 Cromwell Lane Around Burton Green 7.0 (11.0) 4.5  (7.5)
4 Kenilworth Castle The Castle, Common & Manors Beyond 9.0 (14.0) 8.0 (13.0)
5 War Memorial Park Town & Country 12.0 (19.0) 7.0 (11.5)
6 Stoneleigh After Tea 3.5 (6.0)    
7 Bubbenhall As Far As Cubbington 9.0 (14.5) 3.5 (6.0)
8 Bubbenhall Five Villages 10.0 (16.0) 8.5 (14.0)
9 Wolston Dunsmore Heath 9.0 (14.5) 5.5 (8.5)
10 Wolston Limestone Trail 8.5 (13.5) 5.5 (9.0)
11 Coombe Abbey The Abbey 9.0 (15.0) 6.5 (10.5)
12 Brinklow Eight Bridges 8.5 (14.0) 7.0 (11.5)
13 Withybrook Withybrook Wander 7.5 (12.0) 6.0 (10.0)
14 Ansty Through Bulkington 8.0 (13.0) 5.5 (9.0)
15 Hawkesbury Junction The Canal Trail 8.0 (13.0) 6.0 (9.5)
16 Corley Ash Breach Brook Route 7.5 (12.0) 6.0 (9.5)
17 Fillongley Two Castles & A Manor 5.5 (9.0) 4.0 (7.0)
18 Corley Moor Three Corleys 7.5 (12.0) 6.5 (10.5)
19 Corley Moor Ancient Arden 8.0 (13.0) 6.0 (10.0)
20 Meriden Around the Dome 7.5 (12.0) 5.5 (9.0)
21 Meriden The Broad Ridge 4.0 (6.5) 2.5 (4.0)

The Rights of Way outlined in the book are unlikely to be extinguished but detail changes to the route descriptions are inevitable.  We aim to record on this web site any necessary changes or useful comments.  The Association supports the local authorities in getting our local footpaths up to and maintained to a reasonable standard by installing stiles and gates, clearing paths etc.

The proceeds of the book sales will be used to republish updated guidebooks to A Coventry Way 40 mile "Green Book" and to revise the 21 Circular Walks book as considered necessary.

For a more detailed path Footpath Updates see

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