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The 2nd A Coventry Way Challenge

4th October 1998

Walkers     Runners 
Relay Runners    Relay Walkers
Leading Entries     Notes on those taking part

40 mile Walkers
Time Name  Club
11:32  Norman P Lines  Rolls Royce, Ansty 
12:12  Bill Day   LDWA, OD
12:12  Brian Philips   LDWA
12:12  Bernard Roebuck  LDWA
12:55  C A Hale   
13:32  Ray Nichols  White Lion Team, Brinklow
13:45  Claire Maxted  Octavian Droobers
13:45  David Maxted  Octavian Droobers
15:07  Keith Greenall  OD (Walked clockwise,
kept entrant's spirits up)

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40 mile Runners
Time  Name Club Notes
8:47  Irene Rogers  Octavian Droobers  New record :
first lady 40 miler
6:15  Ralph Chaplin  Sphinx  New record
6:31  Dave Halford  Northbrook  
7:25  John Aylmer  Massey Ferguson   
7:25  Barry Holmes  Massey Ferguson   

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40 mile Relay Runners
Time Club Notes / Teams
6:34 Octavian Droobers  New record
Team:- Irene Rogers, Jill Emmerson, Carolyn Marr, Hannah Shields, Sue Hallett, Jane Feltbower, Greta Shields and  Judith Burrin.
5:09  Sphinx Athletic  New record
Team:-Simon Harper, Mick Petch, John French, Tom Marchi, Paul Bergin, Ray Steptoe, Bob Carey and Adi French
5:29  Octavian Droobers  New record held for one hour!   
Team:- Julien Shields, Peter Guillaume, Dave Marr, David Burrin, Martin Cross, Tony Feltbower, Bob Brandon and Tony Haw.

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40 mile Relay Walkers
Time Name Leg Notes
Total time 13:2   Alan Yeend   Meriden to Brinklow  New record
Heather Yeend  Brinklow to Meriden 

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Leading entrants
Name Club Time Notes
Solo Walkers    
Norman Lines Rolls Royce, Ansty 11:32  New record
Claire Maxted O.D( King Henry V111th) 13:45  First under 16 40 miler
Solo Runners      
Ralph Chaplin Sphinx, Fireman@ Canley   6:15  New record
David Halford Northbrook 6:31   
Irene Rogers Octavian Droobers   8:47  First lady 40 miler
Relay Runners (8 stages)    
  Octavian Droober Ladies    6:34  New record
  Sphinx Athletic     Men's Relay Walkers         5:09  New record
Alan and Heather Yeend   White Lion, Brinklow 13:32  New record

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Notes on those taking part

The following are notes of those taking part, apologies if I have missed anyone out or put you in the incorrect group.

Recreational Walkers

Tony Guy's party, Keith and Marion Thomas, Pat and George Kenneth, David Threkeld, Hilary with family, Anne's group , Stan Turner's group,  John Green's group (10), Jo Carey, Basil and Gil Heatley, Ron Arnolds group (including 30 mile cycle route) ,  more yet to be indentified.  Ever supportive Fred and Ivy Dowell and Len York. 

Ian and Nathan Tanner (aged 7) Newdigate Colliery to Meriden

Long Distance Walkers
  • Stuart Edwicker and Maurice Bayley Meriden to Ansty
  • Tony Cox Meriden to Brinklow
  • Sharon and Rebecca Maxted Meriden to Bretford
Walkers Relay
  • Alan Yeend  Meriden to Brinklow 
  • Heather Yeend Brinklow to Meriden 
           Total time 13- 32 (New record)
Runners  taking in part of the route Meriden to Brinklow
  • Ian Davies Sphinx
  • Dale Lyons Massey Ferguson
  • Chris Stokes Sphinx
  • Moss Wright Sphinx

I think that the organising skills and endurance of Bob B and Bob C  deserve a special mention.  Not only did they help at the start/finish, support the solo/relay runners, somehow they found the time to be in the right place to run a stage in the relays. Well done.

  • There are a lot of people who contributed to this event and hopefully I have not missed anyone out. Please accept my apologies if I have.
  • Coventry's Lord Mayor, Maggie Rosher, and Consort, for attending the event, warmly greeting everybody and staying overtime to greet the first lady to complete the course.
  • Midland  Reprographics for photocopying the main bulk of the information pack
  • W H Sharpe (Printers) for printing the information leaflet.
  • The Phoneshop Earlsdon Chris Bowes for lending us a mobile phone for the day.
  • Ted Stocker for clearing the path and allowing me to signpost a way through the copse.
  • Mr Goadby for installing the "stileways" over the electric fences at short notice.

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