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The 7th A Coventry Way Challenge

5th September 2004

Results: Walkers Runners Relays

40 Mile Walkers
Roger Wilkes Kenilworth Runners 09:55:50
Robert Roalfe City of Birmingham OC 10:32:10
Jonathon Comber L.D.W.A. 10:49:15
Lucy Ryan   10:52:25
David Stanton   10:52:25
John Dagnan   11:01:35
Dave Findel-Hawkins L.D.W.A. BBN 11:14:00
Merrian Lancaster L.D.W.A. BBN 11:14:00
Mark Swift Cool Treking 11:36:55
Ken Swift Cool Treking 11:46:00
Martin Townend Cool Treking 11:46:00
Graham Birch   11:55:00
Susan Smith   11:55:00
Stuart Boulton Heart of England LDWA 12:05:00
Tony Duckett Octavian Droobers 12:14:30
Jill Emmerson Octavian Droobers 12:28:00
Andy Emmerson Octavian Droobers 12:28:00
Dave Kearnes Staffs L.D.W.A. 12:34:35
Teresa Darbyshire   12:46:00
Brian Phillips   12:50:00
Linda Gould Heart of England LDWA 13:01:50
Claire Murray S. Wales L.D.W.A. 13:01:50
Paul Fox Team Cherwell 13:16:40
Beverley Rigby Heart of England LDWA 13:16:40
Peter Young L.D.W.A. 13:18:25
Stephen Ismay   13:19:20
Amy Brandon Octavian Droobers 14:02:00
Nadine Wright Octavian Droobers 14:02:00
Andrew Plant   14:10:00
Paul Watts (blind) Barnett & District AC 14:18:00
Syd Wheeler (guide) Chepstow Harriers 14:18:00

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40 Mile Runners
Name Club   Elapsed
Dave Halford Northbrook AC 07:18:30
Noel Fowler Beaumont Leys RC 07:26:30
Mick Hudspith Sphinx AC 07:42:15
Steve Colbourne Sphinx AC 07:42:15
Selina Coldicott Kenilworth Runners 08:28:00
Ian Coldicott Kenilworth Runners 08:28:00
Adrian Jones Northbrook AC 08:48:20
John Hughes Huncote Harriers 08:50:50
Robert Haskins Shepshed RC 08:53:25
Timothy Rainey Sale Harriers 10:00:20
Edward Milbourn Coventry Triathletes 10:00:20
John Aylmer Massey Ferguson 10:03:50
Malcolm Hunt   10:44:20

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40 Mile Relays
Sphinx A.C.   04:44:12
Octavian Droobers Men   05:13:50
Coventry Godiva A   06:20:25
Coventry Godiva B   06:20:25
Octavian Droobers Ladies   06:55:12

The G.U.T. group, (The Digestive Tract Cancer Support Group) completed the full 40 mile circuit as a relay but with all legs starting at the same time (9:00am) with the exception of the starting at the same time (9:00am) with the exception of the body of walkers at 6:00am. The teams comprised of cancer sufferers and carers and the day provided them with a special challenge of their own which they hope to repeat next year


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