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Challenge 2005 results

Walkers Runners Relays

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Thank you all for coming.

Congratulations to all who took part in the 2005 A Coventry Way Challenge.  For most 40 miles was enough of a daunting prospect.  Not so, for ACW regulars, Mark Swift and Martin Townend who starting at 2am and completed an additional 10 mile stretch of footpaths before beginning The Challenge.

By the day of the event John Green, his helpers with the assistance of the local authorities, had made sure that the Way was in good order.   "... the path clearers did a magnificent job, some places were almost unrecognisable" says Andrew Skinner.   Even a resident at Breach Oak Lane commented on the work done.

Main-stay at each checkpoint were:  1. Hazel & Adrian Dyke;  2. Iris & Cyril Bean;  3. Martin Cross;  4. Frank Tonkinson & Dave Lewis (Breakfast Club);  5. Maureen & Jim Chapman; 6. Bob Brandon; 7. Mary Hewison.  Supplementary water stops by Maureen at Bretford; Algy prior to Ansty and Bob at Barnacle.

The refreshments this year benefited greatly from the input by seasoned LDWA campaigner, Anne Wade.   The 120 filled rolls that Anne made plus the individual jellies set by herself and Amy Brandon were well received.   It is hoped to have Anne in charge of all food for the 2006 event.  Note that it was Bill Eve who distributed these to checkpoints not so long after you had started.

As ever Bob Carey spent the day at Meriden to sort the start and manage the finish.

You won't have seen the 40 road signs put to warn traffic of your presence.  However you will have noticed many others put out either to warn you of traffic or to point you in the right direction.  This was a mammoth exercise on Saturday afternoon by Bernard Roebuck, John Green and the two Bob's.

The use of the village hall added to the event and provided a base should the weather turn nasty.  It was good to have Peter Page, John Green and Bill Day on hand to assist.  Special thanks to all the "on-the-day" volunteers who helped at the Village Hall and finish - in particular Yvonne Heywood (from Huddersfield), Sue Hallet and Dilys Skinner of Octavian Droobers.. 

For 2006 we have plans to make good use of Meriden village hall (or maybe another hall along The Way). However it is early days - for now just be sure the date of September 3rd 2006 goes into your diary for A Coventry Way Challenge.

Finally a vote of thanks to Peter Page who has patiently checked all aspects before putting the results on to the web-site.

Bob Brandon
024 7650 5050
11 Barons Croft, Coventry. CV3 5GQ.


The 8th A Coventry Way Challenge

4th September 2005

Results: Walkers Runners Relays

40 Mile Walkers
Name Start Finish Elapsed City/Town Club
John Dagnan 06:02 16:00 09:58 Cannon Park  
George Kacarevic 06:02 16:05 10:03 Whitley  
Mark Cottam 07:05 17:25 10:20    
Lucy Ryan 06:02 16:27 10:25    
David Stanton 06:02 16:27 10:25    
Andrew Skinner 06:02 16:37 10:35 Kenilworth Octavian Droobers
Nigel Mills 06:02 16:57 10:55 Stivichall  
Miranda Aston 08:37 19:57 11:20 Coventry Octavian Droobers
John Fletcher 08:33 19:57 11:24 Banbury LDWA
Nigel Dean 06:02 17:34 11:32    
Andrew West 06:02 17:34 11:32 Doncaster  
Rod Heywood 06:02 18:00 11:58 Huddersfield Irregulars LDWA
Bernard Roebuck 07:20 19:39 12:19 Holbrooks ACWA
Peter Ibison 06:08 18:27 12:19 Brownhills  
Colleen Taylor 06:02 18:22 12:20 Wyken  
Jon Tomas 06:02 18:22 12:20 Wyken  
Graham Birch 06:46 19:28 12:42 Kenilworth  
Susan Smith 06:46 19:28 12:42 Kenilworth  
Linda Gould 06:02 19:19 13:17    
Claire Murray 06:02 19:22 13:20 Newport S.Wales LDWA
Jean Bobker 06:02 19:33 13:31 Bury W.Lancs LDWA
Peter Sumner 06:02 19:33 13:31    
Wayne Olbort 06:02 19:39 13:37 Coventry  
Adrian Bell 06:02 19:39 13:37    
John Sullivan 06:02 19:51 13:49 Tile Hill  
Stephanie Cooke 06:02 19:51 13:49 Leicester LDWA
Katie Hunt 06:02 19:52 13:50 Wisbech LDWA
Martin Townend 05:40 19:35 13:55 Coventry  
Mark Swift 05:40 19:35 13:55 Coventry  
Christopher Seeney 06:02 19:57 13:55 Stratford upon Avon LDWA
Claudie Combelas 06:02 20:01 13:59 Coventry  
Brian Hewetson 06:02 20:01 13:59 Earlsdon  
Bob Pinfold 06:02 20:41 14:39 Binley  
Lubs Cvetkovic 06:02 20:41 14:39 Bulkington  
Graham Mercer 06:02 20:41 14:39 Hinckley  
Karen A Swanson 06:02 20:46 14:44 Allesley  
Con McHugh 06:02 20:46 14:44 Allesley Northbrook AC
Jaqueline Heyward 06:02 20:46 14:44 Coventry
Tim Brandon 06:02 20:53 14:51 Cheylesmore  
Amy Brandon 06:02 20:53 14:51 Cheylesmore Octavian Droobers
Andy Clinton 06:02 20:53 14:51 Balsall Common  
Lesley Sim 06:02     Coventry  
Laura Mitton 06:02     Tile Hill  
David Mitton 06:02     Tile Hill  
Ian Gigli 06:02     Cawston  
James Whittington 06:02     Coventry  
Hayley Mottram 06:02     Halesowen  
John F Swanson 06:02     Allesley  
Yvonne Heywood 06:02     Huddersfield Irregulars LDWA
Trevor Tuckley 06:02     Coventry  
David Whinston 06:02     Coventry UCE / OD
Greta Shields 06:02     Coventry UCE
Roisin Madigan 06:02     Birmingham LDWA R20-30
Warwick Dipple 06:02     Stretton on Dunsmore  
Tony Duckett 06:02     Styvechale OD / MVAC
Jo Carey 06:02     Ernesford Grange Sphinx AC
Keith Greenall 06:02     Coventry OD / ACWA
Joan Carey 06:02        
Dennis Carey 06:02        
Sue Bicknell 06:02     Leicester OD / LDWA
Frank Smith Brinklow     Pailton Octavian Droobers
Ian Tanner 07:10        
Nathan Wilson 07:10??        
Irene Rogers 08:20     Coventry  
Ulli Ull 08:37     Coventry Octavian Droobers


  1. All those with no finish time completed part of the 40-miles, either by planned intent (e.g. Frank Smith who started at Brinklow) or because they retired part way round.
  2. John Green led a The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's disease (NACC ) sponsored walk from Stoneleigh to Ryton.  21 people took part.

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40 Mile Runners
Name Start Finish Elapsed City/Town Club
Dave Halford 09:20 16:24 7:04 Coventry Northbrook AC
Stephen Emanuel 09:00 16:27 7:27 Binley Woods Woodlands School
Philip Wilson 08:47 16:15 7:28 Brandon Sphinx AC
Selina Coldicott 09:39 17:37 7:58 Warwick  
Ian Coldicott 09:39 17:37 7:58 Warwick  
Anne Wade 08:52 16:54 8:02 Earlsdon LDWA / OD
Vaughan Wade 08:52 16:54 8:02 Earlsdon LDWA / OD
Edward Milbourn 08:33 17:24 8:51 Coventry Cov Triathetes
John Slinn 08:33 17:24 8:51 Leamington Spa Leamington C+AC
David Sill 09:00 18:19 9:19 St. Albans LDWA
Malcolm Hunt 09:00 18:29 9:29 Wisbech LDWA
Lindsey Stewart 08:41 19:00 10:19 Erdington  
Bill Waine 09:00     Wolston Octavian Droobers
Martin White 09:06     Narborough Huncote Harriers

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40 Mile Relays
Name Start Finish Elapsed City/Town Club Notes/Teams
Tony & Jane Feltbower 09:00 15:57 06:57 Kenilworth Octavian Droobers Tony & Jane Feltbower
250 Signal Squad   09:00 16:01 07:01 Bramcote 250 GSS  
Brown Butts Relay 09:00 16:07 07:07 Coventry    
Droober Relay 09:31 16:42 07:11 Warwickshire Octavian Droobers Sue Hallett, Melanie Elkington, Jill Emmerson, Liz Furness, Nadine Wright, Andy Emmerson, Paul Furness, Lesley Ross
G.U.T. 'Oldies' 06:02 18:02 12:00 Coventry Cancer Support  
G.U.T. 'Triers' Casual     Coventry Cancer Support see note below

Note: The G.U.T. 'Oldies' group, (The Digestive Tract Cancer Support Group) completed the full 40 mile circuit as a relay.  The  G.U.T. 'Triers' group were some 24 in total, each walking part of the route in small groups of various numbers.  The teams comprised of cancer sufferers and carers and the day provided them with a special challenge of their own, improving on their 2004 achievement. 

See also Photo Gallery


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