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Route Details


For more detailed maps see:

  1. The "Green Book", details on right, or
  2. visit ACW Large Scale Bing Maps page, still an interesting approach with Street, Aerial or OS Map options BUT not been fully updated since 2014 or
  3. visit Google Earth view  with all data up to Feb-2017 date and more user friendly presentation and even LARGER SCALE BUT only with aerial background or
  4. ACW GPX Files, also with all data up to Feb-2017 date  or
  5. Waymarking Trails: Hiking Maps (ACW view, formally called Lonvia), or
  6. OSM maps (Hollyhurst Farm view as sample - of open source OpenStreetMaps which form the basis for Waymarking Trails: Hiking maps above)




For more details of the
40-mile route, see the "Green Book" :

A Coventry Way
A 40 mile circular Walk
18 Maps and Directions

The Feb-2017 edition has been published and should soon be in plentiful supply.  This book is available from the Coventry Tourist Information Centre (within The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Jordan Well, COVENTRY
CV1 5QP).  

Revised editions are now created in time for the Challenge each year. 

The latest version is also available as electronic editions - see 40-Mile Downloadable Versions for details.

- o -

For 21-Walks and/or ACW 40-Mile Walk latest updates to any of the routes, or advice on overcoming any significant difficulties, see:

Footpath Updates News

Also use above link for download of latest "single page Notes & maps" PDFs.

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