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21 Walks plus

A new book is about to be published to add to the "A Coventry Way Association Publications" launched over the years.

The Title is:

"A Coventry Way 21 Circular Walks Plus"

... or in short known as 21 Walks plus

The Book is:

The "21 Walks plus" booklet is a concise edition of the 106 page version first published in 2002.

It is available as a printed 44 page booklet or as a downloadable set of files to allow single map updates to be printed.

Continuity from the 106 Page version & some of the Plus Items

You will see that the back cover looks much like that on it's predecessor, with the top half almost identical - and that many of the old words left out are missing only to make room for everything else which had to relegated to the back cover.

All 21 Walks are basically evolutions from the 106 page version, BUT fit on half the number of pages.  Anything essential from the other pages has been squeezed onto the two pages - hence "concise version".

The Directions page and Map page for each walk retain the same basic look, and in effect are the updated version. So the First Plus is just updating - adding all the things which have evolved over the years.

The Second Plus is that new paths have been used where they are better than the old ones.  Sometimes they have evolved as Permissive Paths, sometimes Permissive paths intended to become the Definitive Path - agreed by the LA Planning departments to allow Land Use changes, but still waiting to be made official after 10 or more years! (in the short term that leaves a minus in that Waymarking is often poor, non standard or missing altogether - but the plus of that is that our instructions and your intelligence should let you navigate correctly!).

The Third Plus is that some walks (e.g. Walks 12 & 13) have had a useful stile free &/or short walk option of 4 miles or less added.  Other shorter walks are summarised on Footpath Updates page. 
Note: The Plus also points out that 21 always meant 41 (plus 20 Route As) and with rest of sentence above Total is 46 and counting!

Front Cover
Front Cover

Front Cover
Back Cover

The Fourth Plus is that the other two pages per walk in the 106 page versions contain (e.g.) Historical and Wildlife notes which are still valuable and applicable as background reading for those who have a copy. 
Note: Keep your old 106 page version at home for reference when planning a walk - and to help preserve your old friend!  Plus the new book is half the weight to carry with you.

The Fifth Plus is that all newly updated map sheets are available as updates to add to old 106 page or new 44 page versions.
Note: The page numbers on all pages of the 106 page version have been left off the equivalent pages of 21-Walks Plus, instead there is just a blank space.  This avoids confusion, and in any case most users probably navigate by Walk Numbers rather than page numbers.

The Sixth Plus that we have now created editable A4 Word Documents and Map documents so updates can be created whenever significant changes are needed.  Overseers can download these documents and mark up proposed versions electronically or print on two A4 sheets to mark up with pencils as they survey the walk.

When updated versions are agreed, they can be added to our Footpath Updates page as short descriptions and as full downloadable replacement sheets.  They will also be progressively collecting information towards new editions when we decide they are justified.

Other users can do a similar process when reporting changes of other difficulties.


The Seventh Plus is ... 

... to be added as I find time, &/or you all remind me of all the other good Plus item(s) we should have included in this list  ...


The Final Plus is simply a new and short key-word not used in the 106 page version (or any of it's sub-titles etc.) which will identify the new book.


How to get a copy

Copies are now available to purchase from list on "21 Circular Walks Books" page - Where to Buy.  As others take supplies they will be listed at http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/acw_ow_p1.htm.


For more information about the content or detail of 
21 Walks plus see  "21 Circular Walks plus" 


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