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alt=shim src="Images/shim.gif" width=727 height=20></TD> <TD vAlign=top width=14><IMG border=0 alt=shim src="Images/shim.gif" width=10 height=1></TD></TR> <TR> <TD width="100%"> <P> <TABLE border=0 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <H2>21 Walks <EM>plus</EM></H2> <P>A new book is about to be published to add to the "A&nbsp;Coventry Way Association Publications" launched over the years. </P> <H4>The Title is:</H4> <P align=center><FONT size=3 face=Arial>"<STRONG><FONT color=#008000>A Coventry Way 21 Circular Walks <EM>Plus</EM></FONT></STRONG>"</FONT></P> <P>... or in short known as <STRONG>21 Walks <EM>plus<BR>&nbsp;</EM></STRONG><STRONG>&nbsp; </STRONG></P> <H4>The Book&nbsp;is:</H4> <P>The "21 Walks <EM>plus</EM>" booklet is a concise edition of the 106 page version first published in 2002.</P> <P>It is available as a printed 44 page booklet or as a downloadable set of files to allow single map updates&nbsp;to be printed.<BR>&nbsp;</P> <H4>Continuity from the 106 Page version &amp; some of the <EM>Plus</EM> Items</H4> <P>You will see that the back cover looks much like that on it's predecessor, with the top half almost identical - and that many of the old words left out are missing only to make room for everything else which had to relegated to the back cover.</P> <P>All 21 Walks are basically evolutions from the 106 page version, BUT fit on half the number of pages.&nbsp; Anything essential from the other pages has been squeezed onto the two pages - hence "concise version".</P> <P>The Directions page and Map page for each walk retain the same basic look, and in effect are the updated version. So the <STRONG>First <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG> is just updating - adding all the things which have evolved over the years.</P> <P>The <STRONG>Second <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG> is that new paths have been used where they are better than the old ones.&nbsp; Sometimes they have evolved as Permissive Paths, sometimes Permissive paths intended to become the Definitive Path - agreed by the LA Planning departments to allow Land Use changes, but still waiting to be made official after 10 or more years! <EM>(in the short term that leaves a minus in that Waymarking is often poor, non standard or missing altogether - but the plus of that is that our instructions and your intelligence should let you navigate correctly!).</EM></P> <P>The <STRONG>Third <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG> is that some walks (e.g. Walks&nbsp;12 &amp; 13) have had a useful stile free &amp;/or short walk option of 4 miles or less added.&nbsp; Other shorter walks&nbsp;are summarised on <A href="acw-gpx-02.html">Footpath Updates</A> page.&nbsp; <BR><EM>Note: The Plus also points out that 21 always meant 41 (plus 20 Route As) and with rest of sentence above Total is 46 and counting!<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; </EM></P></TD> <TD> <P align=center><FONT size=1><IMG border=1 hspace=3 alt="Front Cover" vspace=3 align=baseline src="Images/00a-FrontCover-small.jpg" width=300 height=424><BR>Front Cover</FONT></P><FONT size=1><A href="#top"> <P align=center><FONT size=1></A><IMG border=1 hspace=3 alt="Front Cover" vspace=3 align=baseline src="Images/99c-BackCover-small.jpg" width=300 height=424><BR>Back Cover</FONT></P> <P align=center><FONT size=1><A href="#top"><IMG border=0 hspace=0 alt="" align=middle src="top.gif"></A></FONT></P></FONT></TD></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=2> <P>The <STRONG>Fourth <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG>&nbsp;is that the other two pages per walk in the 106 page versions contain (e.g.) Historical and Wildlife notes which&nbsp;are still valuable and applicable as background reading&nbsp;for those who have a copy.&nbsp; <BR><EM>Note: Keep your old 106 page version at home for reference when planning a walk - and to help preserve&nbsp;your old friend!&nbsp; Plus the new book is half the weight to carry with you.<BR></EM></P> <P>The <STRONG>Fifth <EM>Plus </EM></STRONG>is that all newly updated&nbsp;map sheets are available as updates to add to old 106 page or new 44 page versions.<BR><EM>Note: The page numbers on all pages of the 106 page version have been left off the equivalent pages of 21-Walks Plus, instead there is just a blank space.&nbsp; This avoids confusion, and in any case most users probably navigate by Walk Numbers rather than page numbers</EM>.</P> <P>The <STRONG>Sixth <EM>Plus </EM></STRONG>that we have now created editable A4 Word Documents and Map documents so&nbsp;updates can be created whenever significant changes are needed.&nbsp; Overseers can download these documents and mark up proposed versions electronically or print on two A4 sheets to mark up with pencils as they survey the walk.</P> <P>When updated versions are agreed, they can be added to our <A href="acw_ow_news.html">Footpath Updates</A> page as short descriptions and as full downloadable replacement sheets.&nbsp; They will also be progressively collecting information towards new editions when we decide they are justified.</P> <P>Other users can do a similar process when reporting changes of other difficulties.<BR></P>&nbsp; <P>The <STRONG>Seventh <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG> is ...&nbsp;</P> <P>... <EM>to be added as I find time, &amp;/or you all remind me of all the other good Plus item(s) we should have included in this list&nbsp; ...</EM></P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <P>The <STRONG>Final <EM>Plus</EM></STRONG> is simply a new and short key-word not used in the 106 page version (or any of it's sub-titles etc.) which will identify the new book.</P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <H4>How to get a copy</H4> <P>Copies are now available to purchase from list on "<A href="acw_ow_p1.html">21 Circular Walks Books</A>" page&nbsp;- Where to Buy.&nbsp;&nbsp;As others take supplies they will be listed at <A href="acw_ow_p1.html">http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/acw_ow_p1.htm</A>.</P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></P> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </P> <P> <TABLE border=1 cellPadding=3 width="60%" align=center> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P align=center>For more information about the content or detail of&nbsp;<BR><STRONG>21 Walks </STRONG><EM><STRONG>plus </STRONG>see&nbsp;</EM>&nbsp;<A href="21-CirculatWalks_Downloads.html"><STRONG>"21 Circular Walks <EM>plus</EM>"</STRONG></A>&nbsp; </P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></P> <P>&nbsp;</P></TD><!-- end of individual file content, right margin and footer follows --> <TD width=14></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=2><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=unicode"> <META content="MSHTML 6.00.6000.16788" name=GENERATOR></HEAD> <BODY><HR> <TABLE Border=0 CellSpacing=0 Width=755> <TR> <TD><A href="#top"><IMG alt="" hspace=0 src="top.gif" align=middle border=0></A>&nbsp;<A href="#top"> back to top</A></TD> <TD>&nbsp;&nbsp; </TD> <TD> <P Align="center"><FONT size=1> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- Hide from old browsers lastmod = document.lastModified // get string of last modified date; 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