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21 Walks in 21 Days

Bob Brandon, accompanied most of the way by Jim Powell and David Burrin, completed the 21 Walks in the 21 days from 1st June 2005.  The report below is an edited extract from the e-mailed progress reports Bob produced during this notable achievement.

DAYS 1 to 3 Report 

It's June 3rd already and I am pleased to report that Jim Powell, David Burrin and myself have enjoyed walks 1, 2 and 3 already this week.  Wednesday and Thursday mornings were overcast, however the rain held off until the last half-mile.  Today it was quite sunny at the Peeping Tom at 5:30am. 
On all three walks the going is good - with the occasional nettle.

Wed 1st - walk 1
  • new window frames at Pickford Grange Farm
  • small bunch of cut carnations (?) at point of leaving Church Lane at Meriden
  • new fence, creating double stile at Hill House Farm
  • a lot of rubbish dumped at point of leaving Coventry Road for Barnacles Farm
Thu 2nd - walk 2
  • level crossing removed at Berkswell station, single-track underpass refurbished, traffic lights installed.
  • corn not planted in usual field (256783) between Benton Green and Carol Green (good for 04/09).
Fri 3rd - walk 3
  • large hedge gone just before reaching dismantled railway line - notice said hedge had been coppiced, however looked like it had been ripped out and replanted.

DAYS 4 to 5 Report

At the weekend joined in with John Green's excellently organised ACWA contribution to the Warwickshire Walking Festival.

Sat 4th - Walk 20

'Around the Dome' at 10:15am. 

Sun 5th - Walk 5 (10:00)

John had thoughtfully arranged for Town & Country (walk 5) to be included on the correct day (05/06).  Each day Ian Tanner provided an excellent insight of the nature we met along the way.  John supplied pop & crisps at a delightful riverside Sunday picnic at Stoneleigh.  It should be noted that Cyril did the full 12 miles.

Other walks were arranged by John to take place during the working day on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  However it was back to early morning walking for us on Monday.  David had also walked Around the Dome (Walk 20) over the weekend.

DAYS 6 to 10 Report

Mon 6th - walk 6

After Tea.  Only evidence of the previous day's picnic was flattened grass

Tue 7th - walk 7

Nice and sunny -John Aylmer didn't make it - Unfortunately the footpath between North Cubbington Wood and the road at Furzenhill Farm is quite overgrown - Jim was persuaded to climb over the fence where the going was clear, unfortunately further on Jim chose to go though a holly bush to get out to the road.

Wed 8th - walk 8

Wonderfully sunny - because of the road works we had to cross to the north side of the A45 to get to Ryton - this took some time at 8am with constant flow in both directions.

Thu 9th - walk 9

Warm and sunny - took fisherman's nicely mown path - found that A45 is much easier to cross at 6am - track to the east of Stretton, north side has been 'pruned' can now see into fields - at this point a 'bench' has been built with hooks to hang your coat (go see).

Fri 10th - walk 10

Overcast - made mental note to strim behind houses out of Brinklow.  Rape in next field so we went through to road.  Found north end of Tutbury Lane widened and hard core surface (expect new records in September).

DAYS 11 to 17 Report

Sat 11th - Walk 11
  • good news - 10 am start at Coombe (a lie-in)
  • good news - we take in additional tour of Brinklow Castle as David and Jim don't have to get into work today.
  • good news - we miss out nettles at back of house out of Brinklow [432791] (did them 'yesterday')
  • good news -  pubs are open at end of walk - return to White Lion at Brinklow for a swift half (or two).
  • finally the bad news - we each have to pay parking fee this year (such a late hour !)

I noticed that walk 11 is mostly along tracks.  

Sun 12th

Nothing out of the book attempted - one down !!!!  (Will catch up on Tuesday)

Mon 13th - Walk 13
  • 5.30am 'Withybrook Wander'.  My favourite. 
  • Wellies fill up from wet crops early on [GR429841].  
  • No problems at all later on from B4065 back to Withybrook.
Tue 14th - Walk 14
  • 5.30am 'Through Bulkington'.
  • Barnacle entry requires a trim [388845].
  • B4109 towards to Hollyhurst farm, new hard-core track.
  • Couldn't find line of route in field of rape rape in prior to Navigation pub. 
  •  Avoided a second pair of swans with fledglings behind fishing ponds [373870]. (forgot to tell you last week of the 7 cygnets on the river at Bretford - walk 10.
  • From pond only just made out route through rape up to railway.
Tue 14th - Walk 4

19:15 - to catch up, ran round walk 4 from Kenilworth with Dave Marr (made up for being lazy on Sunday - walk 4 was missed out on June 4th at time of Warwickshire walking Festival when we did walk 20, 'Around the Dome').

Wed 15th - Walk 15
  • Canal Trail (trial?) - 5:30am third set of cygnets spotted on tow path at Bedworth (seen swans here before taking over the tow-path on other years).
  • raining along tow-path back to Sutton Stop (during this walk I have decided to live on a narrow-boat in a future life).
Thu 16th - Walk 16

Breach Brook Route - 5:30am Went back to sleep!  Got from bed (Cheylesmore) to Corley Ash in well under 15 mins just as David and Jim were setting off, caught them at top of hill by Red Hill Farm.  Newly planted sweet-corn down to fishing pool.  s-c also planted along ridge from Breach Oak and down to culvert after Vauls farm.  Got nettled after leaving Bennett's Road.

Fri 17th - Walk 17

2 x Castles + 1 x Manor - 5:30am very pleasant walk - not too long.

DAYS 18 to 21 Report

Sat 18th - Walk 18

5:30am - we stroll leisurely (because it was Saturday) around the '3xCorleys' - we actually missed a mile out, because we had checked a couple of days earlier that the gate at Astley Lodge Farm (307870) would be well and truly locked at 6am.  Today was the third time across the freshly planted sweet-corn above Savage's Square - noticed that it had grown three inches in two days.

Sun 19th - Walk 19

12:30 - David and Jim take the day off to get on with their lives.  In the heat of the midday sun I set off  around 'Ancient Arden' with Amy and Tim - we are accompanied by Sue Hallett and Nadine.  Crossing the Sherbourne is a disappointment.  But a couple of  kissing gates in the stable yard at Hawkes End confuse.  A welcome pint back at Bull & Butcher - walking later in the days does make sense.

Mon 20th - Walk 12

5:30am - walk 20 was done earlier in the month - so it is walk 12 '8xbridges' - which we do today.  Jim particularly liked this walk spotting  a fox along the way.  Path by M6 was just about passable - green brambles are ready to take over later this month.  Jim also spotted a waymark arrow on agricultural machinery - a first ?  After the college we avoid the diagonal right-of-way towards the footbridge over the railway and start treading very carefully as David starts telling tales of the snake he cornered in his garden the day before.

Tue 21st - Walk 21

5:30am - walk 21 - Cyril will be pleased to know that we went right into the corner at the top of 'the Broad Ridge'.  Quickly we were back at the Queens Head, then back to David's at Corley Moor for a cup of coffee and a look at the photos of the snake (it looked about 2 foot).



Thanks particularly to the company of Jim Powell and David Burrin, the 21 walks were completed in 21 days by 7am on the 21st June 2005.

Each day David counted over 50 different wild flowers - I will get him to list them blind-folded at the agm.

Wed 22nd - I should be early into work for a change whilst David and Jim are catching up (with walk 19 - Ancient Arden).  The three of us plan to walk 'Town and Country' together next Monday (27/06) starting at 5:00am - please feel free to join us .....

Bob (Jim & David)


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