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21-Walks Book Revised

A revised version of the book was delivered to ACWA by the printers on Friday 13 Jul 2007.  It was launched at the Godiva Festival, and the first to buy it are we hope now using it.  Supply to the usual retailers is in progress, so those waiting will soon be able to get their copy.

The front cover looks the same - just a "Revised Edition" banner top-right to show it is new!  Look inside however and you will see:

  • It is printed on higher quality paper and with much crisper printing
  • There are updates covering all significant path changes,
  • Changes cover all stiles which have been replaced
  • ... and many other details which have changed over the years. 

The basic layout, the number of pages (104) and the same 21 walks are unchanged.

- o -

The recommended retail price has had to rise a little.  The price is now £6 instead of £5, but this again includes a protective plastic cover as early copies of the first edition did.  See Where to Buy page for details of retail outlets.

- o -

The Footpath Update page on this website has been enhanced to cover this new issue as well as the 2002 edition.  You will see there are separate columns for each version, with few items applying to this new edition (only temporary difficulties which will soon disappear).


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