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Paths recently changed on ACWA Maps, OSM Map, GPX files and Google Earth

  1. Bridge on Kenilworth Greenway closed for repairs
    See 05-Feb-2017 : DIVERSIONS Feb 2017 - more
    Green Book now published and distributed to all who have registered for Challenge 2017.  Walk 3 updated on line on 8-Feb-2017.
  2. Map updated for ACW & CW18 just N of Corley Moor & M6 Bridge
    The Feb-2017 edition of the Green Book included this (and Item 1).  Change done to Walk 18 Map map online and gpx files and Google Earth.  Walk 17 gpx also updated for detail hange on Google Map to be precocely the same.
  3. Walk 5 was updated some years ago to make use of the University to Kenilworth cycle path and the resurfaced path over the university playing fields and the wood to the south.  I noticed that Google Earth has now published a view of the wood t the south with less leaves on the trees.  I have now made the route through the wood more accurate.
  4. Walk 5 & Walk 6 through "Stoneleigh Community Orchard".  Paths now clearly re-routed, and more trees.  Deserved updating. 
    ACWA books are not large enough scale to show the difference, but OSM map, gpx files and Google Earth show the changes well.

If you know of other changes which deserve similar improvements, please let me know



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