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News : ROUTE UPDATES during 2017

Happy New Year!

Over the Xmas break we have done nearly all the outstanding tasks.  Highlights include:

  1. Route 12 changes "completed" - But users may find issues before we go to printing as part of a new issue of "Circular Walks us". 

    21-Walks route 12 & 12A Improvements

    The above routes have been improved, with significant new paths between Point 4 and Point 6.  The previous route via Stretton under Fosse are no longer recommended, avoiding paths which are too near M6, with poor surfaces.

    The new routes use a much better surface and pleasant paths.

  2. GPX data updated for all Walks 3, 12,  17, 18 & 40-Mile route.
    GPX files as often adequate, but spoiled by minor errors.  These would spoil the order some parts of the path are found, and often make the length of the walk seem longer than it really is.  Finding such errors are hard to find, and sometimes hard to edit!
  3. Other minor corrections have also been fixed while working on above.
  4. Only one other Walk has similar issues, but all have been fixed except for Walk 6 which is one  route, but in the form of a double 8 with shared its being shared.  Other users of OSM break it, or better complain about my "method" - I might solve it another way, but in the meantime keep thinking!


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