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News : ROUTE Change Dec 2017

(Updated 28-Dec)

21-Walks route 12 & 12A Improvements

The above routes have been improved, with significant new paths between Point 4 and Point 6.  The previous route via Stretton under Fosse are no longer recommended, avoiding paths which are too near M6, with poor surfaces.

The new routes use a much better surface and pleasant paths.

Draft Directions and Maps are available as follows:

The PDF file can also be reached via "Route Details" links,

The new route will be included in the next re-print of 21-Walks plus sometime in 2018.

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Walk 12 Routes - Update below added to "Text Box" on
Walk-PDF Map version, either in full or
simplified version of omitting red below ...


More Routes : Notes in small print :  Possibilities:

As well as Main Route (9.6 mi) & Route A (6.2 mi), we identify:

 Route B:   The southern half (4.4mi), using the Route A shortcut backwards
                 to 5, then Main route from 5 to end.

Route C:   (Stile Free) Shorter (3.5mi) route leaving main route at Grimes
                Bridge to join Oxford Canal towpath (canal left!) then going east
                of Brinklow to point 8.  Follow point 8 directions to car park.
          Note:  This route was published t request of WCC for use as short walk
          Note 2: In fact the only stiles are three part of Route O, and shared
                       with Route A & Main Route.

Route S:  Shorter Still (3.0mi).  Route A less the "Upper Smite circuit".

Route U:  "Upper Smite circuit" (3.2mi), starting and finishing at Grimes
                Bridge following the route via 3 & 4.

Route O:  the Original route from 4, E then ESE to Stretton under Fosse,
                then to Point 6.  For anyone who likes seeing and hearing M6! 
                  Distance is (3.0mi), which made Main Route 9.6mi rather tnan
                the "Old" route of 8.6mi




For more information see:

  1. Google Earth map of all above routes.   It will open with all routes shown, but best use is to have just a few you wish to compare.
  2. Open Street Map (OSM) for base map. http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/52.4247/-1.3561.  This is where I record an accurate route on large scale map, which in edit mode can have a "WCC Aerial Map" as background.
  3. "Waymarked Trails: Hiking" for overview maps, and for generating GPX files.  https://hiking.waymarkedtrails.org/?zoom=16&lat=52.40798&lon=-1.5109#route?id=7838637&map=15!52.4196!-1.3634
  4. For table of set of ACWA GPX files.  http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/acw-gpx-02.html
    These will soon move these to the overall list.


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