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Coffee Break - new Slide Show format

Coffee Break Slide Shows have been updated to a new format.  Background and reasons are given below, or:

What is new Format?

All the new slide shows use Microsoft SkyDrive Format.  I have been testing this out on supporting slide shows for Working Party reports and similar over many months, so to many of you it is not "new".  I now believe the product has matured to the point where we can adopt it for all new slide shows, and retrospectively for the set in Coffee Break area.

Advantages of New Format?

Advantages to users include:

  • Higher resolution pictures
  • User choice of viewing size
  • User choice of method of moving through slide show
  • opportunity to download copies of any pictures you wish to use for other purposes

Advantages to me in publishing

  • Easier to create a slide show
  • Easier to edit a slide show
  • The old method I used is no longer available under Windows 7, so I had to change!
  • I get free space on SkyDrive to avoid going over my limits on my ISP webspace.

Disadvantages of New Format?

These include:

  • You have to install Microsoft Silverlight to see the slide shows properly - but this product is now mature so should be easy and low risk.
  • You need to download the higher resolution pictures, but most people have broadband by now so will not notice the difference
  • It's different - but I've provided a basic user guide, the system is intuitive to use, and we can now evolve to one standard

More Information?


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