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September Challenge 2009

Although the main Challenge 2009 event took place in April,  others did their own event during the year.  Of particular note, Jim & Wendy Seaton not only completed the 40-miles in September, but through sponsorship raised over £600 for the National Eczema Society.  What is more Jim got publicity for ACW, including being interviewed "live" on BBC Cov & Warks Annie Othen show.

Jim & Wendy thank the members of the Association for the clarity of waymarking, and general good condition of the way (They also said "we've completed several LDPs over recent years, and this had to be the best in these terms").  ACWA must also thank them for their support of our Association.

Other Summer/Autumn Challenge 2009 Events

As far as I know, the above was the only 40-mile event in September.

However on Sunday-30-Aug, "The Journeymen" group from Coventry Freemans Guild again did a sponsored walk from Bretford to Ansty.  12 people took part, and between them raised a total of approximately £700 for the  "Start a Heart" charity.  This is the 4th year this group has run a similar event, on previous occasions always being on the same day as the main ACW Challenge event in September.


I'm sure other groups also had their own events - if anyone knows details which should be published here, please e-mail me


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