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a Cyclist from Cyclic websiteCycling Items - Summary

I have recently been requested to include information about the three "cycling items" below on this ACWA website, and I add a challenge for someone to prepare the fourth item.

Coventry Cycling Campaign (Cyclic)

ACWA and Cyclic have items of common interest, with shared tracks, some common members etc., and other goings on in and around Coventry.

I have added a "permanent" link to their site (http://www.coventrycyclist.org.uk/) to our links page.  I will also from time to time add more news items to points of specific interest.

Of immediate interest Cyclic have just issued the latest edition of their Newsletter : Coventry Cyclist Spring 2006 - the link on their home page takes you to the newsletter (1.7MB PDF file).

Coventry Loop

Coventry Loop : this links to a transcript of an article from CYCLING PLUS : CHRISTMAS 2005 pp28-29.  This describes a 58 mile cycling route through the countryside to the east and south of Coventry.  I'm sure it is of interest to some readers.

CTC Campaign:  Cycle - Rail Travel

CTC welcome Transport Secretary Alistair Darling's proposals this week to increase the capacity of the rail network and the trains which run on it.  CTC hope that when it comes to putting these ideas into practice, the Government will include measures to integrate cycling with rail travel.  The combination is a very cost-effective way of enabling people to make seamless door-to-door journeys without depending on a car.  This reduces congestion, the space (and money) needed for station car parking, and helps improve health and the environment.

"A Coventry Cycling Way"

We have been asked in the past by Johnny Stanton, CTC (Cadbury Medal!!) about a cycle route as near as possible to ACW.  On our annual challenge we have had support cyclists wanting to get as near as possible to bring food and drinks to entrants taking part.  On other occasions people use their cycles to get to the start of one of the Circular Walks.  A cycling route map broadly covering the same area as ACWA walks could support them all, as well as help cyclist plan good rides of various lengths in the countryside around Coventry.

Would anyone like to volunteer to draft a guide to meet these requests?


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