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Presentations of Donations 2013

ACWA presented cheques to a number of good causes following the successful Cyril Bean Coventry Way Challenge 2013. 

This year 9 causes benefited, and photos taken at the presentations are shown below.

All the presentations were made at the ACWA SOCIAL EVENING  "Buffet & Skittles" held at Brandon Club on 5-Jul-2013.



1. Presentation to Ed and Carole Goodwin for the Mercia M.S. Therapy group.



2.  Presentation to Mo Hayes and Jean Hoey who came on behalf of Myton Hospice


3. Presentation to Bob Watson for the

     11th Coventry and

     74th Coventry

Scout groups



4. Presentation to Phyll and Vicky from Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance



5. Presentation to Frank and Rose Marie Tonkinson for the G.U.T. Digestive Tract Association



6. Presentation to Colin and Ann Kirkham for "Tiny Tims"




7. Presentation to Hannah Wade for the Myasthenia Gravis Association



8. Presentation to Roger Brown who accepted on behalf of the Coventry South Division Girl Guides

Then Buffet ...        ... Now for Skittles


9  Brinklow Team

One sample team from 8 teams, "Kenilworth" to "Queens Head" Meriden, each named after one of the Challenge Check Points.



10  Scores for First Round

Now for Second round of Skittles

11 The Winning Team ...

... with winning shots    12

13   The Winning Team ...

... winning shots from every member!  14    



15.  ... and prizes for all members of the winning team which was named as the "Queens Head" . Very apt.

16.  Final Scores of scores

and finally

The association secretary John Green summed up a most successful and enjoyable evening, thanking all for their effort in making another successful year for ACWA.


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