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Floods 2007

Message below received from Carol Green, Solihull ...

From: John Aylmer
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 6:41 PM
Subject: Route 2 revisited

Hi folks,

I revisited the stretch of Route 2 from Benton Green lane to Carol Green today.

You really can't walk much of this without wellies. I suspected as such, but any doubts were removed when I found that Benton Green Lane itself was under water, at the point where the 'Way' leaves route 1 to join route 2, see picture 1.

I took a few pictures by the stile at the lefthand turn by the pond, which I suspect was the one reported to webmaster by a walker recently, who couldn't cross it.  There's a lot of mud.  Water is still trickling through the stile from the field to the north.  There is a ditch, but it appears to act as a moat with excess water trickling out at either end.  The nearby pond is at the same level.

Our (or Bill Day's) favourite s/b is far too short to provide safety from the mud 2 fields on.

However it is after the right hand turn that it really gets wet. The stream has broken over the banks, and taken a route through the field at an angle across the Cov Way. To get from the stile to footbridge (see 3.line 10 on page 20), you have to wade across.

Good to see on my return, two groups of youths out for a walk.  I warned one about the water, which excited them; "Please sir, please sir can we go that way?" they implored of there leader.  "Well, I'm wearing wellies, - you are not, so of course we can" was his right answer.

Yours swimmingly


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