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Godiva Festival 2007        Back to 2006    Forward to 2008

ACWA again had a stand in the Greenspace Marquee : 14-15 July 2007.

The crowds of customers on Saturday Afternoon
The crowds of customers on Saturday Afternoon : 14-Jul-2007

This years themes were: 1) September Challenge   2) Working Parties  3)Warwickshire Walking Festival and  4) Launch of new edition of 21-Walks Book.

Occupying a new tent compared to last year (again we were to right side of main entrance to one half of the Greenspace pair of linked tents, against the side).  A separate tent housed the "Lives and Times" stands.  We were allocated 4 table lengths of space which we used with tables, a front entrance gap, and display boards.  We shared the tent with stands from the usual organisations, but also with two "green" Peugeot cars (painted red and grey, but green due to their future Hybrid drive features!) and a fleet of "Peugeot 207 driving school" toy size cars, which should have been outside, but the weather did not allow for much of the time.

Display boards were put in place on Friday 3 to 5 pm and the photographs were put on them.  The small boards (3 off) on a table near the entrance showed the September Challenge.  A centre table was home to our free handouts which consisted of our brochure, challenge entry form and the new edition of the 21-Walks Book, plus free leaflets from CCC and WCC.  Next a small gap followed by the four large display boards assembled  into a trapezium shape, containing photographs of Working Parties (2 boards) and the Warwickshire Walking Festival (2 boards).

Outside again Mike Murray and his team provided a kissing gate, rustic fencing, log path edge/ "stepping stones" and our Coventry Way board, supplemented this year with a bench and a picnic table.  The last two were particularly welcomed by the visitors (finding somewhere to sit was harder than usual, with the grass wet - or often mud!).  Altogether an attractive display.

Ready for the crowds early Saturday morning ...
Ready for the crowds early Saturday morning : 14-Jul-2007

John G supplied iced cold water and squash on both days which was well received by our team and the many friends who came to visit.

Saturday was HOT & SUNNY even at 9:15am when John G arrived to safeguard our space (essential function!).  Bob C, Bob B, Peter P, Ken N, Alan T, and Bill E. were soon in attendance with interested customers arriving shortly after 10 am.  We continued to be busy (attendance 30,000 on Saturday) until just after 5:30pm, having been well received.

Sunday was again GREY & WET (But still HOT & HUMID in the tent).  The stand was manned by the same team (but some only for half the day) plus John A.  Although Sunday turned out as usual to be quieter than Saturday we were on the go all day.

Ready for the crowds early Saturday morning : 14-Jul-2007
The crowds later on Saturday morning : 14-Jul-2007

Overall the Festival was a resounding success with our position in the marquee good.

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