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Godiva Festival 2015        Back to 2011    Forward to 2016

Once again the Association took up residence in the Greenspace Marquee at the Godiva Festival : 4-5 July 2015.  This year all tables had red cloths, and two matching tables at the far end for Inner Wheel / Rotary Club which made it all a great display.

Overview of the complete stand at a rare quiet moment : 5-Jul-2015

Our display included photographs of the 2015 and earlier Challenges, also showing the great work our Working Party is carrying out.

Barry, runner-up lead salesperson : 5-Jul-2015

Anne Wade has been given "ACWA SALESPERSON of THE WEEKEND AWARD" for 2015.

Bill, a close runner-up salesperson, with happy customer? : 5-Jul-2015

Some of us could take a break to enjoy the great outdoors : 3-Jul-2011
Bob showing how hard we work at path improvements: 5-Jul-2015

Coventry Council Footpaths personnel installed an attractive display of Waymark and finger posts also a pedestrian gate to welcome visitors to the marquee.

The Coventry Rangers facilities were greatly appreciated as every year : 5-Jul-2015


This year we launched our new "21 Walks plus" book.  We sold plenty ( nearly 80 ) this year, and many ( about 40 ) wanted a copy of the "Green Book" for the 40-mile Challenge route mostly as well as the 21 Walks plus.

Yes our fame is still spreading with a number of overseas visitors showing interest in our stand.    Thanks to record number of volunteers  who answered the call this weekend but carry out much good work throughout the year.

Well Done & Many Thanks.

John Green


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