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ACWA Working Party

On 15-Aug-2007 a Working Party installed three more new gates on walk 21 and 20 at Meriden.

K/G 1 : 17-Aug-2007
K/G 1 : 17-Aug-2007

K/G 2 : 17-Aug-2007
K/G 2 : 17-Aug-2007

K/G 3 : 17-Aug-2007
K/G 3 : 17-Aug-2007

August Achievements

On 15-Aug-2007 a Working Party returned to Meriden to replace the final stile on walk 21 with a kissing gate (K/G 1 in above photo).  We also replaced a nearby stile just over the A45 bridge on walk 20 (K/G 2 in above photo), and reinstalled the next kissing gate to the west (K/G 3 in above photo) on walk 20 which was not opening or closing as it should - now it works perfectly!

The day was very very wet.  It started raining just as we started work, and then apart from a few minutes of near dry and a few seconds of sunshine, it rained, or poured, or thundered right through to 1:00 pm when all three gates were finished.  Bernard then served cups of tea to the team members who stayed behind to pack up the tools before the next storm!

The photos were taken two days later, by which time the mud was drying out well.


The next session will be on:

Wednesday 19th Sep at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: Shilton Lane, Near  Barnacle Hall
Meet at: Shilton Village Hall (GR 403 847), then take  a maximum of 3 cars to site
Task(s): Replace two stiles with k/g ( GR 388 843 & GR 391 844)

Both Above stiles are on ACW 40-mile route, and on Circular Walks 14 and 15.  One is also on Circular Walks 13.  Tasks proposed for Oct-2007 and Nov-2007 will cover other tasks near Barnacle Hall.

Our plans for future working parties are to continue to place some effort in improving the remaining difficulties on the 40-mile walk and other circular walks, but to give more priority to creating further stile-free short (3 to 5 mile) circular walks.  Work on CWCW 17A started in February, but will now not be complete till 2008.

Dates for rest of 2007 mostly on the third Wednesday in each month from Jan-Nov.  The expected dates are:

  • Wednesday 17 Oct
  • Wednesday 21 Nov

Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?

Please contact John Green on 024 7650 3044 for further information.


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