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ACWA Working Party

On 17-Nov-2010 a Working Party replaced one stile with a wooden k/g and a second stile with a metal p/g on ACW at the end of Windmill Lane, Corley Moor.

The wooden k/g : 17-Nov-2010
The wooden k/g : 17-Nov-2010

November Achievements

The wooden k/g replaced a stile which only came into use a few years ago when a remote control field gate was installed across the road to the farm, which then became normally locked.  The "stile" was initially just the fence, but we made it a stile simply by adding a step from an old stile we had replaced.

The metal p/g : 17-Nov-2010
The metal p/g : 17-Nov-2010

The metal p/g replaced another stile which also only came into regular use a few years ago when the field gate beside it became usually closed.

Please also note that the farmer has built up a stone and rubble causeway which should solve the difficulty of the flooded/muddy section of path along the southern edge of Birchley Hayes Wood.  These three improvements will now be formalised by WCC raising a diversion order to make the route we have used since ACW was created the Definitive Path.

A day with miserable cold rain.  Despite the 'orrible weather we had 9 people turn out plus John with his "NAAFI Wagon" for which I am sure we were all most grateful for a nice warm cuppa.  All was completed by 13:30 - in spite of the weather, another satisfying mornings work, followed by a visit to The Bull and Butcher for lunch.


The next session planned is:

  Wednesday 1st December 2010 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: On the Warwickshire/Solihull border south of Dorridge
Park at:

Probably parking for the three selected cars will be on B4101 near Ivy House Farm south of Dorridge 

Meet at:

Probably on B4101 near Ivy House Farm south of Dorridge or Site 1


Building a bridge across a stream which forms the border between Solihull and Warwickshire, plus WMP as needed  See Map for Details 
(Note: This time the map opens with the OS Map as background - if you need to, zoom out to see where Dorridge is, or click item 2 and then select "Directions to" to find how to get there.  Then Zoom in, change to Aerial View, then zoom in further to see where we will be working)

An extra WP has been planned for 1-Dec, when we will install a new kit-bridge across a stream just south of Dorridge on the Warwickshire/Solihull boundary!
The expected 2011 dates will therefore below:

  • Wednesday 19-Jan-2011
  • Wednesday 16-Feb-2011
  • Wednesday 16-Mar-2011
  • Wednesday 20-Apr-2011
  • Wednesday 18-May-2011
  • Wednesday 15-Jun-2011 

  • Wednesday 20-Jul-2011
  • Wednesday 17-Aug-2011
  • Wednesday 21-Sep-2011
  • Wednesday 10-Oct-2011
  • Wednesday 16-Nov-2011 
  • Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?

    Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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