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ACWA Working Party

On 15-Jun-2011 a Working Party replaced two stiles on Walk 1, Benton Green Lane to Broad Lane/Coventry Road leg, with k/gs.

Completed k/g 2 and the team who did it: 15-Jun20-2011
Completed k/g 2 and the team who did it : 15-Jun-2011

June Achievements

The  two stiles were both able to replaced by metal k/g while retaining the fence posts, but with slightly different adaptions to allow the gate hoops to be away from the field as requested, but aligned to give good access into the hoops.  Both looked like easy tasks, but hard, dry, stoney ground at gate 1, and the same but with lots of roots at gate 2 made it a good mornings work.  The gate 2 team also installed a seat.

Most of both teams and the new seat : 15-Jun-2011
Most of both teams and the new seat : 15-Jun-2011

All was completed however between a 9:00am start and about Noon, and we were packed up and in the Bear at Berkswell ordering lunch by 1:00.  The morning stayed dry but warm, with a picnic tea/coffee/Bovril/etc. break in the meadow half way through, and the Bear sunshades let us stay outside for lunch as the rain started!  Another satisfying day.

One of the 'small' bridges : 1-Jun-2011
One of the "small" bridges : 1-Jun-2011

On 1-Jun-2011 the small WP to build 2 small bridges on Ulli & Miranda's farm took place as predicted.  However the two small bridges turned out to be quite large bridges, and the kit to build them first had to be cut and drilled from a large supply of planks!  Fortunately the turnout was also quite large (10 people), but it still took 8 hrs 45 mins to complete them both!  Afterwards we were able to sit out in the evening sunshine with Ulli and Miranda on their "patio" with a beer and snacks.


The next full session planned is:

  Wednesday 20th July 2011 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: On Walk 1 / Millennium Way between Broad Lane and Back Lane
Park at:

On verge of Broad Lane or point 7 - then walk to meeting point

Meet at:

Meeting Point where Walk 1 leaves Broad Lane (GR 263 797 Point 5 on map)


Install two k/g out of four at sites 3, 4, 5 & 6, (three are on Walk 1 and one on Millennium Way).  The other two will be installed on the next visit to this location.
     see Map for Details

The expected remaining 2011 dates are:

  • Wednesday 20-Jul-2011 
  • Wednesday 17-Aug-2011
  • Wednesday 21-Sep-2011

  • Wednesday 19-Oct-2011
  • Wednesday 16-Nov-2011 
  • Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?

    Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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