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ACWA Working Party

On 19-Oct-2011 a Working Party replaced 3 stiles with 1 Gap + 2 k/g & replaced a sleeper bridge with a new one, all on Walks 1 & 1A just south of Millison's Wood.

Dave's and SMBC's 4x4s helped to get all to sites : 19-Oct-2011
Dave's and SMBC's 4x4s helped to get all to sites : 19-Oct-2011

October Achievements

The first challenge was to get all materials, tools and people to the sites, some 0.75+ miles over rough ground from the road.  The problem was solved with help from the farmer who moved all materials before we arrived, and Dave bringing his Land Rover and trailer to transport all our tools to the sites and back to our cars at the end.

Site 3 was the nearest, and the stile on Walk 1 near the Solihull/Coventry boundary was replaced by a k/g without too much trouble.  No concrete to dig up this time, but some very stubborn posts for the old stile step, plenty of hedge roots and some very firm but very dry soil.  In spite of a slow start, the task was completed by 12:30.

Site 3 on the Solihull/Coventry boundary : 19-Oct-2011
Site 3 on the Solihull/Coventry boundary : 19-Oct-2011

Site 2 was the last stile on Walk 1A to be replaced, so no wonder the team were pleased.  It is also on Millennium Way (MW) and needed to have waymarking corrected to show their current route, so two of the MW team joined us at the start of the day to supply the waymarks for our stile replacements, and to update the marking on two other nearby posts.  This task was complete by 12:45.

Site 2 with happy & pleased member of the team fixing the final WM : 19-Oct-2011
Site 2 with happy & pleased member of the team fixing the final WM : 19-Oct-2011

Site 1 was only a few yards south of site 2, and involved replacing the narrow gap with a proper sized gap, and building  a higher and longer sleeper bridge making the ditch crossing  easier.  As you will see from the photos, the old bridge & stile remain and could be used by any who find the stile-free Walk 1A lacking in nostalgic features or just too easy!  Just before 1:00 pm all tasks were completed, and tools were being loaded in the trailer.  The countdown was over, and Walk 1A declared stile-free.

View of s/b from south : 19-Oct-2011
View of s/b from south

view of s/b from north : 19-Oct-2011
view of s/b from north

Site 3, the longer, stronger, higher Sleeper Bridge : 19-Oct-2011

The weather forecast had been for the odd mm of rain about 1:00pm - In fact, up till then the day was mostly sunny and completely dry - but after putting my rucksack in the trailer and starting to walk back, a few drops of rain nearly spoiled the day - but it was only a few drops till most of us were back in our cars, then a heavy shower all the way (c. 3 minutes) to the pub, then sunshine again as we walked from our cars.  Someone was treating us kindly!

An enjoyable day, finishing work a few minutes before 1:00 pm and then having a good lunch in The Queens Head, Meriden.


A small session is being organised for early November to replace/install 7 WMP on the stretch of ACW between Ryton and Wolston in order to make finding the route much easier, especially those sections which go diagonally across fields.

The next full session planned is:

  Wednesday 16th November 2011 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: Back Lane, where ACW crosses the Lane & where CW 1A joins the lane.
Park at:

Near Site 1 (GR 255 805) in Back Lane (unless Bob agreed in advance for your car to go direct to site 2)

Meet at:

as above


Replace two stiles next to field gates, one with a metal p/g (or maybe k/g), the 2nd with a metal k/g
    see Map for details

The expected remaining 2011 dates are:

  • Early Nov
  • Wednesday 16-Nov-2011 


    Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?

    Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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