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Next WPPrevious WP ACWA Working Party

On 19-Feb-2014 a WP installed two k/g at Mill Farm, Bradnocks Marsh Lane.  This is not an ACW walk, but path links to the k/gs we installed on WP82 8-May-2013.

The Wooden k/g : 19-Feb-2014

February Achievements

On 19-Feb-2014 we put in a wooden kissing gate and a metal kissing gate.  Both are on the land of Mill Farm, Bradnocks Marsh Lane, Solihull.

The Wooden k/g is on the same path where we installed two k/gs on WP82 8-May-2013, and the farmer tells us that the improved bridge and drainage system, that we also did, have proved excellent in dealing with this winters rain.

The Wooden k/g was as usual a long task, taking time to drill all the holes for the hinges before we were joined by the team who had completed the metal k/g and speedily dug all the remaining holes and erected the "hoops", made good the fence and finished off by adding way marks and installing an ACWA label.

The site was by the Lane and the driveway to the farm, where we were able to park our cars in very smart surroundings.  The farmer also supplied us with bacon butties mid-morning, and let us have a look at his garden, woodland and lake sloping down to the River Blythe.

- o -

The metal k/g was about 100 yds south, also by the lane but close to a stream feeding the Blythe and right next to a ditch with fast flowing water helping to fill the stream and drain the marsh.  The team, all smartly dressed in the yellow Hi-viz jackets supplied by SMBC, made short work of installing the k/g, clearing the ditch and checking out the beginning of the path following the Blythe towards Barston.

The Metal k/g : 19-Feb-2014

An excellent day, with fine weather, dry working conditions and well looked after.  The only sad point was that we again finished too late to go the The Bulls Head at Barston for lunch - we must find a shorter task for another return visit!  Some of us did however return to the Bear at Berkswell for a light lunch of mostly just a starter or just a dessert!


Due to other commitments, the WP for March will now be on Wednesday-12-Mar

The next full session planned will be on:

  Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: Circular Walk 3 & 3A, between Hodgetts Lane and Duggins Lane
Park at: Hodgetts Lane, on the NE side of the Lane (on left side driving from Carol Green to Burton Green), finding good spots to get as well off the road as possible, and spread out so passing stretches are available for other users of the lane.
Meet at: Site 1 (GR 263 769), then agree who form a second team who drive to Duggins Lane and walk to Site 2 (GR 267 774)
Task(s): Replace two stiles with two metal kissing gates
     see Map for details

The probable 2014 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month Apr-Nov) will be:

  • 12-Mar-2014
  • 16-Apr-2014
  • 21-May-2014
  • 18-Jun-2014 
  • 16-Jul-2014
    • 20-Aug-2014
    • 17-Sep-2014
    • 15-Oct-2014
    • 19-Nov-2014

    Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?  Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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