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On 19-Aug-2015 a WP cleared a range of blocked paths on CW07 & CW08 near to Stoneleigh, Cubbington and Bubbenhall areas.

xxxx     xxxx
Starting on the closed path near Furzenhill Farm, then at the pinch point near N. Cubbington Wood!

August Achievements

We formed two separate Teams, each with Battery Hedge Trimmers and Loppers, Slashers, saws & a rake. Each team operated on a number of sites.

Team A started between Leamington Rd Stoneleigh & Stareton, then moved to Coventry Rd near Furzenhill Farm and progressed towards Cubbington then finally doing a small task in Bubbenhall before getting to Malt Shovel Bubbenhall for lunch.

The main clearance sites were to widen uphill stretch of FP towards Stareton (ACW), then on the closed path near Furzenhill Farm, followed by the pinch point near N.  Cubbington Wood (as in above pictures).

Team B reached all their sites from the the lay-by with the Nursery School at Bubbenhall.

The first hours "plan" was to visit a number of sites on the start of Walk 8 through Bubbenhall Wood then round the "gas field" end of the Quarry site. 

The bigger expected tasks in fact needed less attention than expected (such as picture on right of the enclosed path by the "gas field" - BobR had used one of the ACWA Strimmers and done half the path before I could point my camera!  But then Bill used the Battery Hedge Trimmer on the hedge on the right to make it remain clear a bit longer), but lots more little ones (and a long walk!) meant it took 2 hours.

The next key area visited by a short drive to Shrubs Lodge at the end of Pagets Lane, then a walk to Wappenbury Wood.  Reaching the wood we were surprised to find all the path through the wood very well cleared.  So instead we concentrated on the 150 metre stretch just before the wood - this path is now almost as good as the 600 metre stretch through the wood.  Only problem was that to do that took us until c.2:30, so when we reached the Malt Shovel all they had to eat were packets of crisps - but an excellent pint of beer was very welcome!

xxxx xxxx xxxx
Just started (view from S); Finished (view from N; in the Wood (view from N just after gate)
19-Aug-2015 for 1st picture;  20-Aug-2015 for last two to avoid even more time before lunch!

A successful day - even if a bit complicated! It even stayed dry until Team 2 had got to the pub.


The next WP is due on on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 - Details below.  

On 16-Sep-2015 there will now be no WP, partly due to many volunteers not available but finally because the weather forecast being very wet.

On 21-Oct the WP will probably to build a new boardwalk to extend the "long bridge to mud" to reach dry grass, north of Carol Green.

  Wednesday 23rd  September 2015 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: Circular Walk7 leg to SW of Bubbenhall Wood (GR 366 715)
Park at: A445 - SW end of Lay-by by Nursery School, Bubbenhall (GR 363 722) 
Meet at: As above

Full clearance of this stretch of path. 
   see Map for Details (Note; new version of Bing Maps which I have not yet learned how to look as good as previous version!)

The probable 2015 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month Jan-Nov as now agreed) will be:

  • 23-Sep-2015
  • 21-Oct-2015
  • 18-Nov-2015

Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?  Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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