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On 02-Sep-2015, 9-Sep, 14-Sep, 16-Sep & 23-Sep small WPs cleared a range of blocked paths on CW16 & CW17A, ACW and Walk 7 (twice) .

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CW16 leaving Bennetts Road North and southern end of path 17A : 02-Sep-2015

September Achievements

On 02-Sep-2015 a small team returned to the same path a WP on 17-Jun-2015 cleared a stretch of blocked path on on CW16 leaving Bennetts Road North to clear the nettles, etc. which had grown since.  The farmer had cut the other side of the hedge, including cutting the top, so the overall effect looks excellent.

The team then moved on to the southern end of path 17A, and cleared a path through the maize.

On 09-Sep-2015 Bob Carey, (as a follow-up to Nick's report on Walks 7 and part of 8) did a visit to Walk 7 to check on state of stretch from Bubbenhall Wood to the leg to the south of the land-filled quarry.  Bob slightly re-sited a WMP (and will return to dig it in later) but found the stretch to south of the land-filled quarry now clear.  On the path along the SW side of Bubbenhall Wood Bob spent two hours making a path just about usable but confirmed that a full WP should work on this stretch ASAP.

We tried to get a team for 16-Sep (the 3rd Wed in Sep), but only had two people available - and the Weather forecast was bad.  We therefore changed the date to Wed-23-Sep when five people were available.

On 23-Sep-2015 the five of us attacked the path along the SW side of Bubbenhall Wood with our two electric Hedge Trimmers, our petrol Strimmer and hand tools.  This resulted in a well cleared section over the first c.150 metres BUT leaving the remaining c.650 metres for another day (or more?).

Part of the problem is the heavy work to do, but part of the problem was power tools, with work needed to do "maintenance" / "learning" actions:

  1. Strimmer.  We could not get as good performance as BobR & PeteP were achieving on 19-Aug-2015 WP!  This was partly due to lack of recent experience, and partly because we had one new fault (head came off!).  Reported to BobR who will investigate and service as needed, and maybe train us better?
  2. Hedge Trimmers.  The oldest of the pair were found to have a piece broken off the end of the blade AND a loose firm connection of the blade to inside of gearbox.  Wasted time diagnosing cause on site before stopping use of that one.

On 5-Oct-2015 BobC & I had both Hedge Trimmers on my workbench.  Prior to that we had discussions via email & phone to propose causes and fixes, which on the bench proved our theories, and in less than 2 hours we had completed repairs and service on both.  Basically tightening 4 very loose screws made inside of gearbox as new, including extra grease inside the gearbox.  The broken end of the blade was fixed by grinding the end sections off the top and bottom cutters and the "U shaped girder" support so the new end looked just like the original (but the whole "Shear Blade Component Set" is a bit shorter.  Re-oiled generously had it all working (almost) as good as new!  Much cheaper than buying a new "Shear Blade Component Set" which is priced on most lists as almost the cost of the discounted complete new tool.

However we must all take care not to try cutting wire fences, and checking if any service actions are needed - in particular oiling the blade every hour of use.

Thanks to all who took part in these WP, and thanks to all others who have done similar small WP, but which I was not aware of &/or simply could not find amongst the many emails I have received over the last month or two


The next WP is due on on Wednesday 21st October 2015 - Details below.  

However before that we have/will have had more small WP, including:

  1. On 01-Oct-2015.  JohnA/Bernard full check and actions as practical on Walks 2 & 2A.
  2. On 14-Oct-2015.  BobC + some new recruits will probably be clearing route alongside the A444 (Coventry Way) at Bedworth.
  3. On 16-Oct-2015.  BobC + Bill + Barry + Simon will be back at "CW16 leaving Bennetts Road North" to add two new WMP a bit further on (and maybe a bit more clearing?)

On 18-Nov the WP may build the new boardwalk to extend the "long bridge to mud" to reach dry grass, north of Carol Green.  Before then on 21-Oct-2015 we will probably have another major clearing WP needing all the volunteers and tools we can get:

  Wednesday 21st  October 2015 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm
Location: Hodgett's Lane (GR 263 768) to bridge over Greenway - Part of Walk 3A)
Park at: Hodgett's Lane (a few spaces at GR 263 768 and a few more where Walk 4A joins Hodgett's Lane c.100 metres to the NW)
Meet at: As above

Full clearance of this stretch of path plus where the ditch crosses the path via a pipe under the path, dig a little to fully expose the ends of the pipe  and maybe if time allows dig the ditch a bit deeper. 
   see Map for detais 

The probable 2015 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month Jan-Nov as now agreed) will be:

  • 21-Oct-2015
  • 18-Nov-2015

Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?  Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.

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