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Next WPPrevious WP ACWA Working Party

On 21-Jun-2017, a WP improved further the path leaving Hodgett's Lane to slope down to Greenway - the muddy parts beyond the culvert.

1.  Area of tasks done : 21-Jun-2017

June Achievements

Improved further the path leaving Hodgett's Lane (GR 263 768) to slope down to Greenway just before bridge over Greenway - Part of Walks 3 / 3A. the muddy parts beyond the culvert by improving ditch to NW side, and improving the main path.

Actions 21-Jun-2017:

1, Starting at point of ditch deepest part, cleared all nettles, brambles, etc. then digging the ditch deeper, shovelling soil into barrow. 

All soil moved to raise central part of path.  See photo 1 above.

2.  Walked to far end of this section, and concluded the rest of the path is about the same length and could be dealt with the same process, with only a few places where slightly deeper digging would be needed (partly because some was done by the team of 2 on 17-May). 

See photo 2 for about half way along that section.

3.  Nearly to the end, with field gate at end just about visible. See photo 3, with the field gate about 10% from the Top Right corner.

2.  View of second half : 21-Jun-2017

3. . Near the end (see Field Gate) : 21-Jun-2017

Outline Actions to complete:

A.  Complete the other half as 21-Jun-2017

B.  Dig a Gutter to right hand edge of path, using dug out soil to raise the path centre as still needed

C.  Check levels to ensure drainage should be adequate, adjusting the soil as needed. 

D.  Obtain many tons of stones to further ensure good dry centre part of path is created

Our team for the day was just 6. and the weather was getting hotter.  John Green came with cold drinks which was a very welcome break.  All soon pressed on to make good progress, but the rising temperature led  us declaring completion for the day at about 12:30.  Just three of us went to "The Bear" for lunch inside the air conditioned bar.


The next WPs will probably be 2 clearance working parties :

  1. on Wednesday 12th July. "Walk 10 behind hedge Fosse Way near Bretford"
  2. on Wednesday 19th July "Walk 18 "point 5 path approaching Corley Rocks" &
    "point 6 on the map on the west side of the school" &
    "point 4 on the route going south" &
    "point 4 if WCC supply new k/g to replace stile + some WMPs"



Wednesday 12th July 2017 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm

Location: Behind the hedge on west side of B4455 south of Bretford
(GR 428 765 to GR 429 767)
Park at:

West of Junction of of B4455 & A428 (1 or 2 cars max), or
On little layby on B4455  near South end of site on
    West side of Fosse Way (1 or 2 cars max) or
Queens Head, Bretford car park (GR 431 772)

Meet at: Junction of B4455 & A428

Clear the Permissive Path avoiding walking up the B4455
       see Map for details 

If interested, see WP News 13 for original visit !



Wednesday 19th July 2017 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm

Location: Walk 18 sites between. Point 4 & Point 6
Park at: Points between Walk 18 sites between. Pont 4 & Point
Meet at: TBA

Selections from list in 2 above.  Details when more detail available
       see Map Walk 18 for outline

For this 19-July WP we will almost certainly need updating as we get more info re WCC, and find enough volunteers to cover all tasks at all sites on the day.

- o -

The probable 2017 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month Jan-Nov as agreed at the AGM) will be:

  • 12-Jul-2017
  • 19-Jul-2017 
  • 16-Aug-2017 
  • 20-Sep-2017 
  • 18-Oct-2017 
  • 15-Nov-2017 

Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?  Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.


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