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Next WPPrevious WP ACWA Working Party

On 12-Jul-2017, a WP cleared the "Behind the hedge path" on east side of B4455 south of Bretford.  On 19-Jul-2017 a WP cleared 3 sites of CW 18.

Entry from the south after the WP : 12-Jul-2017

July Achievements

On 12-Jul-2017, a WP cleared the "Behind the hedge path" on east side of B4455 south of Bretford.

Entry to the path from the south was impossible just before the WP (05-Jul-2017 and several weeks more).

See photo on right and compare it with the photo above.


 Entry from the south BEFORE the WP : 05-Jul-2017

The path has now been thoroughly cleared as shown on the right.

We cleared it by using the Battery Hedge Cutters to remove the recent growth, then loppers to cut back many needing it, then a saw for the few still needed  This made a two yard width of space from the fence to the hedge.

Hopefully this will allow a usable path for six months, and then cleared with mostly just the Battery Hedge Cutters!

This still leaves a rather bumpy path in parts, but mostly seem to be just because of sinkage following filling in the Badger holes in early March.  We will try and get back to do this soon.

Two teams of 4 completed the main task, starting one team from each end.


 The wide path headingg north after
the WP : 12-Jul-2017

xxxx         xxxx
 Entry from the North Before (05-Jul-2017)           & after the WP : 12-Jul-2017
Note:  The before view was taken at a tighter angle - aiming for the right space allowed you to get through the gate without much trouble.  The gate can now be seen from the same angle.) 

The weather was very kind, stopping the previous days rain by about midnight, making the ground dry by starting time, and warming up by about Noon before we declared time to call it a day!  Four of us went to "The Queens Head at Bretford" for a good lunch.

- o -

On 19-Jul-2017, a WP cleared 3 sites on East side of Circular Walk 18

1.  Bennetts Road (after point 5 & then 300 metres past Rock Lane)

The first photo is the kissing gate at the start of the enclosed path.  On our map (18) it starts about half way up the path, where there is a fence/hedge starting going SE.  We had to clear from there to where the next fence goes almost east.

xxxx   xxxx
  Kissing gate at the start after the jungle cut back to see it!  Electric Hedge Cutters done a good cut, but now BobC is at work with Shears?

2.  Church Lane enclosed path (just after point 6)

Note the holly tree on the right.  The others are further along the enclosed path.  The middle section was not too bad, but both ends were overgrown.

xxxx   xxxx
The next Jungle - & the Holly                              The Tunnel        

3.  Highfield Lane (near point 5)

Stiles by Radbrook Farm.  The photo is the one at point 5 on the map.  We didn't get a "before" the photo of the stile, but it was not too bad.  The other one we had a job to find, it was so overgrown.  But we cleared it well.

xxxx    xxxx
               More Jungle                         A cleared path to the Stile  

A good days work for 7 volunteers!  Other items include sites which BobC & Barry completed late-Jul and others will be fixed in August.. 

Two of the team went to a pub for lunch and some others continued on item 3 until 1:45!


The next WPs is due on Wednesday 16th August 2017.  The plan is to do Clearance Walk 16 (point 7) and Stile Repair Walk 18 (just South of point 6) tasks at two nearby sites.. 


Wednesday 16th August 2017 at 9:30 am to about 1:00 pm

Location: Walk 16 (point 7) Bennetts Road North and
Walk 18 (just South of point 6)
Park at: Bennetts Road North heading NE into Miners Lane estate a few metres nearer Coventry
Meet at: Bennetts Road North heading SW near start of the blocked path, then decide who will move to Site 2

Site 1 : Clearance Walk 16 (point 7) and

Site 2 : Stie Repair Walk 18 (just South of point 6)
    see Maps in 21 Walks plus book on paper or Website

If you want more detail. ask Bob Carey or Peter Page

If you expect to come and help, please tell
Bob Carey ASAP.

- O -

The probable 2017 dates (assuming 3rd Wed every month Jan-Nov as agreed at the AGM) will be:

  • 16-Aug-2017 
  • 20-Sep-2017 
  • 18-Oct-2017 
  • 15-Nov-2017 

Why not volunteer to join us whenever you can?  Please contact Bob Carey on 024 7645 5251 for further information.


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