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HEIGHT: 1px" border=0 alt=shim src="Images/shim.gif" width=139 height=1></TD></TR> <TR> <TD><!-- Individual page content below here --> <H2>Warwickshire Walking Festival<BR>26-May to 3-Jun 2007</H2> <P>ACWA is leading 6 walks in association with the above event.</P> <P>The walks covering A Coventry Way are summarised as follows:</P> <P> <TABLE border=1 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>ACW<BR>Ref.</FONT></I></B></P></TD> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>Date&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR></FONT></I></B></P></TD> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>Title<BR></FONT></I></B><STRONG><EM><FONT color=#000080>Link to Map</FONT></EM></STRONG></P></TD> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>Start Place<BR>Grid Reference</FONT> </I></B></P></TD> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>Start&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Time</FONT> </I></B></P></TD> <TD> <P><B><I><FONT color=#000080>Miles</FONT></I></B></P></TD> <TD><B><I><FONT color=#000080> <P>Walk Pace/<BR>Stiles</P></FONT></I></B></TD></TR> <TR> <TD>1.</TD> <TD>Wed<BR>30<BR>May</TD> <TD> <P>TWO GREENS AND A WELL</P> <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk1.jpg">walk 1 map</A></P></TD> <TD>Bear Inn Car Park, Berkeswell<BR>GR SP 246 792&nbsp;</TD> <TD>7:00pm&nbsp;</TD> <TD>4</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.20</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>2.</TD> <TD>Thu<BR>31<BR>May</TD> <TD>TWO CASTLES AND A MANOR <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk2.jpg">walk 2 map</A></P></TD> <TD>Weavers Arms Car Park, Fillongley <BR>GR SP 292 878&nbsp;</TD> <TD>7:00pm&nbsp;</TD> <TD>4</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.13</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>3.</TD> <TD>Fri<BR>1<BR>Jun</TD> <TD>BUBBENHALL ROUNDABOUT <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk3.jpg">walk 3 map</A></P></TD> <TD>Old School Lay-by, Bubbenhall<BR>GR SP 363 722&nbsp;</TD> <TD>7:00pm&nbsp;</TD> <TD>3</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.23</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>4.</TD> <TD>Sat<BR>2<BR>Jun</TD> <TD>SHILTON STROLL <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk4.jpg">walk 4 map</A></P></TD> <TD>Ansty Golf Club Car Park<BR>GR SP 406 834</TD> <TD>10:00am&nbsp;</TD> <TD>4</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.9</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>5.</TD> <TD>Sat<BR>2<BR>Jun</TD> <TD>WITHYBROOK WANDER <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk5.jpg">walk 5 map</A></P></TD> <TD>Ansty Golf Club Car Park<BR>GR SP 406 834&nbsp;</TD> <TD>10:00am&nbsp;</TD> <TD>7</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.16</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>6.</TD> <TD>Sun<BR>3<BR>Jun</TD> <TD>TWO WAYS <BR>Part of Heart of England Way and part of A Coventry Way <P><A href="wwf/2007/walk6.jpg">walk 6 map</A>&nbsp;<FONT color=#ff0000>(updated 23-May)</FONT></P></TD> <TD>Quicken Tree Car Park, Chapel Green<BR>GR SP 269 854&nbsp;</TD> <TD>9:00 am</TD> <TD>15</TD> <TD>Moderate<BR>c.48</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></P> <P>For more details see:</P> <UL> <LI>See WWF-ACWAwalks-2007.pdf (no longer available) (2 A4 sides, PDF file&nbsp;715&nbsp;KB) for ACW walks details extract from WCC festival guide, or <BR>&nbsp; <LI>Outline Maps are available if needed, or click link in table above to see or download JPG version. <BR>&nbsp; </LI></UL> <P>The festival guide was published in time for the <FONT size=2 face=Arial>Outdoor Show at the NEC, 16th - 18th March 2007</FONT> , and will be backed by advertising on TV, Local Radio and in the Press.</P> <P> <P>If you would like to participate in any of these walks, or if you would like to volunteer to help lead a walk, please :</P> <P align=center>ring<STRONG>&nbsp;John Green&nbsp; Tel:&nbsp; 024 7650 3044 </STRONG>or<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp;ring<STRONG> Peter Page&nbsp;&nbsp; Tel: 024 7641 3553 </STRONG>or<BR>complete and send <A href="acw_ef3.html"><STRONG>Form on this website</STRONG> </A>&nbsp; </P> <P></P></TD><!-- end of individual file content, right margin and footer follows --> <TD width=143></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR> <TR> <TD colSpan=2><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; 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